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    Intelligent Scheduling Based on Your Rules ... Staffing Your Way

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AgencyWeb Staff Scheduling App

Intelligent Rules-Based Workforce Scheduling Software 

Managing public safety personnel 24/7/365 is a delicate balance of manpower, minimum staffing requirements, labor agreements, and risk management.  AgencyWeb IWM's rules-based scheduling software ensures that you have the right persons, with the right skills, scheduled at the right time, in the right locations using the right equipment. 

Once the shift has concluded, AgencyWeb automatically pushes actual time worked and pay exceptions to online employee timesheets so that time and attendance processing is quick, easy and most importantly accurate. 

Now that’s efficiencies that affects your bottom line!


Staff Scheduling Software


Configure Your Schedules

and Assign Personnel for Months to Years in Advance


Conduct Daily Operations

and  Make Necessary Changes in Seconds


Report Actual Time Worked

and  Gain Insightful Using Analytical Dashboards 

Build an unlimited number of schedules based on your unique requirements.  Need rotational shifts or use of Kelly days?  What about seasonal events for temporary time periods?  No problem. 

Simply setup your schedule templates and assign personnel individually or in bulk.  Your shift rosters and employee's calendars are now automatically generated indefinitely or for predetermined time periods.


Daily operations are a breeze thanks to AgencyWeb's dynamic shift rosters.  Color-coded alerts prompt schedulers to back fill unplanned vacancies when staffing levels fall below minimum.

Automation based on agency rules identifies qualified employees, minimizes the financial impact and ensures fair assignments.  Summary screens identify personnel issues or losses/gains from other organizations.


Need to report the cost of that emergency weather event?  We've got you covered.  AgencyWeb's insightful dashboards and powerful reporting tools enables you to report on staffing cost by organization or individual. 

Easy reporting summaries with drill-downs into granular details range from time and attendance, to alpha/bravo emergency events and beyond.  It all depends on what you'd like to view.


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    Ensure Assignment Compliance with Complicated Agency Rules

Employee Scheduling Software

Need someone with special skills or certain equipment to work in specific locations? What about certifications? How about fatigue rules?  

All of these are a piece of cake with AgencyWeb's work position automation capabilities. Just setup work position slots based on your rules and let the system manage your assignments worry free. 

AgencyWeb's automated capabilities will ensure that assignments will comply with your policies, collective bargaining agreements and employee contracts. 

If an employee is placed in an assignment they are not qualified to work, a warning message will prompt your schedulers.  They can either select a qualified alternative or override the warning.  Remember, it's your rules ... have it your way!


  • Intelligent Scheduling

Work Scheduling Software

Easily Manage Scheduling Changes


Employee Scheduling

Work Schedules Using Different Views


Mobile Workforce Scheduling Software

Optimize Scheduling Communications 

Life happens, right? Employees call in sick. Other departments fall below minimum staffing and your personnel fill the gap.

Schedulers can easily reassign personnel or backfill vacancies directly from AgencyWeb's dynamic shift rosters. Place someone on leave  or assign overtime using automated assignment recommendations.

Once your changes are made, they are automatically saved in each employee's record and on their calendar.  One click saves changes in multiple locations.


AgencyWeb includes essential employee scheduling information using different types of screen views.  Schedule views can be selected by one or multiple organizations or by work locations. 

Each view includes employees with approved swaps, leave-time, overtime, training and court events. 

Summary screens show employees that have detailed in or out of certain shifts. Others show who has reported in/out for roll call.  The view choice is yours to make.


When AgencyWeb Mobile is added to your solution, employees automatically view their schedules -- and any scheduling changes in real-time. 

Employees can request leave or overtime directly from their phones. Officers receive and can acknowledge court notices.

With IVR as part of the solution, AgencyWeb  sends outbound telephony calls about shift changes and prompts  employees to respond with inbound selections.  Inbound requests can also be setup based on your needs.


  • Workforce Scheduling Software
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    Choose what to add when you are ready. This way you'll have exactly what's needed when it's needed and can introduce new capabilities at your own pace.
Shift Swaps


Reducing Absenteeism

  Subpoena Management for Law Enforcement


Saving Time and Reducing Cost


Giving your employees the freedom to swap shifts increases morale and ensures adequate staffing. With AgencyWeb employees are able to trade shifts electronically with other qualified employees. 

Swapping rules can be setup to ensure that your policy guidelines are met with minimal oversight.  Either choose to require approval workflows or have the system automatically approve swaps only when agency criteria has been met. 

Once finalized, employees and their supervisors receive email  notifications and alerts on their home screen. Shift rosters flag swapped employees and each employee's calendar is automatically updated.



Receiving court notifications electronically saves agencies administration time and reduces overtime cost for unnecessary appearances.  When subpoena management is part of your AgencyWeb solution, officers are able to receive and acknowledge real-time court notifications.

Notifications include court case details, location, and agency defined request types, such as appear, standby or disregard an event. Continuation requests can be entered and if approved, generate a scheduling conflicts.

Subpoenas can be viewed and/or printed.   Officer acknowledgments are name, date and time stamped. Supervisors and court liaisons can view all court notifications and acknowledgment statuses. 



Centralizing Schedule Coordination

  Alpha/Bravo Emergency Operations Scheduling


Maximizing Emergency Operational Efficiencies


When extra-duty is part of your AgencyWeb solution, you'll be able to post, schedule, fill and track extra-duty jobs, supplemental employment, and paid special events. Using its rules-based platform, the solution will automatically ensure that you are following your extra-duty work policies.

Employees can easily view and signup for eligible assignments. Job listings include post details and can be viewed using monthly calendars or in listed formats. Jobs can be selected individually or in bulk, making the sign up process quick and simple. 

When it’s time to assign jobs, extra-duty makes the selection process fair and equitable. The names of interested employees can be displayed in the order they signed up, so “first come – first served” assignment policies can be honored in an unbiased manner.

Supervisors can assign personnel to jobs one-at-a-time or in bulk. This saves valuable time and coordinates assignments with employee's regular schedules.



As part of AgencyWeb's advanced scheduling capabilities, you'll have the ability to efficiently transition to emergency alpha/bravo shifts and back to original schedules once the crisis ends. This is achieved by combining proactive planning with scheduling automation that is essential once emergency events are declared.

Emergency operation schedules are configured before any emergency occurs. Employees to be applied to those schedules can be predetermined. When the state of emergency goes into effect, employees can be quickly reassigned to their predetermined schedule.  

Once the crisis period has ended, employees are automatically reverted back to their originally assigned schedules.  

All emergency schedule reassignments and reversions back to original shifts are tracked in real-time for auditing purposes.  Analytics can be run to report operational cost at departmental levels down to the individual. 

Vacation Bidding


Ensuring Staffing Levels at Peak Vacation Times

  Schedule Bidding


Simplifying Bidding Administration and Ensuring Fairness


Vacation bidding will simplify your bidding process and ensure that vacation dates are fairly awarded. Vacation bids can be offered agency-wide, to specific job classes or organizational groups.

You can also set limits on the number of employees in each shift that can take off on any given date so that staffing levels do not fall below minimum. Remember, it's all based on your rules.

Once your employees have entered their bids, it’s time for the award process. You can assign authorized personnel to process bid approvals, or, you can define criteria to automatically finalize vacation date awards. Whatever works best for you.

Once the award period has concluded, employees are notified. Awarded vacation hours are automatically deducted from their leave balances and vacation dates are posted on employee calendars, in their leave records and on shift rosters. It's that simple.



Schedule bidding will empower your employees to choose their desired schedules and fairly award results based on your policies. 

As part of your rule configurations, you'll be able to define employee's bidding periods, the effective and expire dates of the schedule, the number of bidding rounds and how many assignment slots can be bid upon in each round.

Qualified employees will be notified about participation opportunities during your bidding time periods and will be able to easily bid on available schedules. Authorized personnel can bid on behalf of others.

Just like vacation bidding, you can choose to assign authorized personnel to process bid approvals or define unique criteria to automatically finalize schedule awards.

Once the award period has concluded, employees are notified. Awarded schedules are automatically displayed on their calendars and in organizational shift rosters.