Workforce Management Complexity - Simplified.

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Providing Municipalities with Workforce Efficiencies

Demand for municipal services is just as strong as ever. Residents of cities and towns all across the country still want their streets to be policed, their fires to be put out and their garbage to be collected. They want quality schools for their children and transportation options to get to work. Above all, they want a local government that is responsive to their needs.

Public sector administrators do their best to make this happen every day. Unfortunately, budgetary reductions have made it more difficult for municipalities to keep their agencies fully staffed and operational without hefty local tax increases, which are not always palatable to voters. In addition, accountability to the governing public has become a key factor in all operational processes. Improving workforce productivity and controlling labor costs have become critical needs. It's not easily done using manual, paper processes.

Orion’s AgencyWeb® software can help.

AgencyWeb® IWM is ideal for managing a municipality’s workforce activities. With AgencyWeb® personnel are able to  access to their schedules, training, personnel information and so much more. 

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