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AgencyWeb Workforce Automation Software Designed for Public Safety

AgencyWeb® is easy-to-use, web-based software that simplifies the daily, operational management of public safety personnel.  It offers a comprehensive range of applications that increases operational efficiencies ... from complex scheduling to analytics and beyond. 

Embraced by supervisors and employees alike, AgencyWeb® is accessible 24/7/365 from anywhere with an Internet connection. Executives benefit using data-driven analytics that provides greater insight about workforce activities, compliance results and the associated costs.  

AgencyWeb's wide range of capabilities makes it an ideal solution for small to the largest of agencies.  It can be acquired with the full suite of applications, or, as a basic solution that allows applications to be added as needed.

AgencyWeb can also serve as a multiple agency solution on a centralized platform, with each agency controlling their policies, procedures and requirements.  It is available as an on-premise or hosted solution.  


With AgencyWeb, employee activity data is tracked and saved throughout each person's career.  Self-service processes are communicated in real-time.  Standard interfaces with external systems eliminate redundancies and provide data accuracy.


AgencyWeb uses agency rules to automate manual processes, such as FMLA rules, union and regulatory compliances.  Rules, like seniority, specialized skill-sets and overtime eligibility can be applied to help drive fair, yet cost controllable assignments.


As a role-based system, employees view data that is relevant to their role and responsibilities.  Security can be managed through various methods including active directory, strong password management, IP address authorization and security encryption methods.