Operational Managers

Automate Complex Operational Processes

Let’s face it, managing public safety operations is a tough job. From radio, vehicle and weapon assignments to coordinating the most complex scheduling processes, using paper processes, spreadsheets  or light weight products just doesn't cut it. .

You've got to have the right persons, with the right skills in the right locations using the right equipment at the right time. Let Orion automate your rules so you can focus on what you were hired to do -- protect and serve your communities.


Smart Scheduling

Manage complex schedules using your rules and easily manage changes. Add off-duty, court, swaps, and bidding if and when you’d like.


Equipment Management

Track the issuance and return of operation equipment like vehicles, radios, and weapons to employees, work assignments, or work units.


Go Mobile

Whether you're simply responding to employee's requests or viewing their schedule, you need to keep your workforce connected.

Track Operational Equipment Assignments in Shift Rosters

Track the assignment and return of operational equipment like vehicles, radios, and weapons directly in your shift rosters. With essential equipment assignments displayed on the rosters, your staffing managers know exactly what equipment on-duty personnel have to get their jobs done.



Staffing Counts

Maintain Staffing Levels with At-a-Glance Scheduling Dashboards

Color-coded alerts prompt staffing managers to backfill unplanned vacancies when levels fall below minimum. View qualified employees in a sorted order based on your fatigue or overtime policies so you can fill gaps, minimize the finical impact, and ensure fair assignments.



Manage Operations from One Centralized Location

Need centralized oversight of your entire operations? What about managing specific divisions with different policies? With this solution you can easily manage on-duty personnel as well as those with external employment assignments. You’ll be able to automatically enforce any unique policies – from fatigue rules, to overtime backfills, vacation bidding and more. This solution puts you in control.

We Look Forward to Learning About You

Got a Particular Operational Challenge?

Need help managing your schedules? What about tracking your operational equipment? How do you ensure that your workforce is qualified for their assignments?

Our solutions experts are eager to learn more about your unique needs—just reach out and tell us more. We are here to serve!