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Announcing AgencyWeb® CourtNotify Civilian Subpoena Solution

Dallas, TX (January 07, 2009) – Orion Communications, a provider of Public Safety software, has announced the release of AgencyWeb® CourtNotify Civilian -- the company’s latest online subpoena management software. With CourtNotify Civilian, government agencies can reduce the administrative cost of getting civilian subpoenas delivered to the right citizen … which improves civilian witness court attendance.

Orleans Parish is one of the first groups of agencies scheduled to go live with the new CourtNotify Civilian system. With the Parish’s new system, a special focus has been included for address validation to fill a critical gap that has plagued the Parish due to post-Katrina housing issues. According to Dr. Heidi Unter with the NOPJF, “Katrina has shown how timely, accurate and shared information is critical to the operations of every criminal justice agency in New Orleans. Post-Katrina manpower shortages have now made labor-saving efficiencies like CourtNotify, even more important.”

Because CourtNotify Civilian is designed to share data with other judicial systems, witnesses can be easily added to case events. Authorized users can restrict viewing of civilian witness names to protect their privacy. And when integrated with jail systems, incarcerated witnesses and their jailed location can be automatically red-flagged.

Authorized personnel save time using automated online tools to assign citizen deliveries to serving deputies. Deputies quickly enter delivery results from mobile laptops or with bar code scanners. And delivery tracking is viewed online in real-time by participating Law Enforcement and Judicial agencies, as well as both Prosecuting and Defending Attorneys.

“As shared data specialists, we understand how to enable interagency data coordination. This allows us to offer significant solutions that help agencies save on their budgets, improve business efficiencies and eliminate redundancies – all serious requirements for today’s government agencies,” states Orion President Leslie DeLatte.

CourtNotify Civilian is part of Orion’s AgencyWeb® Resource Suite.

About Orion Communications
Orion Communications is a women-owned business enterprise headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has been specializing in Public Safety and Judicial software products for municipal, county, and state government agencies since 1998. Orion’s AgencyWeb® Public Safety Business Management Solution includes applications that help agencies operate better by bridging all aspects of workforce management and sharing data with external systems as a standard practice.