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Riverside County, CA Sheriff’s Department Selects AgencyWeb® to Manage Workforce Operations

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Dallas, TX (November 12, 2010) – Orion Communications, a provider of browser-based Public Safety software, announced today that the Riverside County, CA Sheriff’s Department (RCSD) has selected Orion’s AgencyWeb® Business Management Solution for coordinated management of the department’s workforce. Orion’s AgencyWeb® Administrator will be used to manage RCSD personnel, including scheduling, time and attendance, training, and applicant processing. Orion’s AgencyWeb® CourtNotify will be used for the electronic management of the department’s subpoenas. And Orion’s AgencyWeb® Agent software will be used to interface their new system with the Riverside County’s Criminal Court system.

With a staff of over 3,800 dedicated men and women, RCSD’s primary challenge has been the duplication of data entry efforts at station, division and department levels. Many different systems and applications have been created at the station level to manage workforce efforts and none have been consistent. One solution called for the development of an internal system that would track all workforce efforts and the associated costs – a time consuming and expensive initiative to say the least. But after seeing AgencyWeb® Administrator’s capabilities, RCSD decided it would be more prudent to purchase Administrator as COTS solution. With Administrator, RCSD will soon have a comprehensive workforce system, in a shorter time frame that will resolve administrative issues throughout the entire agency.

The new AgencyWeb® Administrator system will help RCSD eliminate data entry redundancies by allowing workforce data to flow securely through one centralized system. Agency users will have access to information based on their own roles and business unit requirements. And for the first time, the RCSD executive staff and mid-level managers will have a comprehensive administrative dashboard for coordinated oversight of daily workforce efforts.

For example, Administrator will use comprehensive employee information for real-time coordination of workforce schedules, employee activities and events. Time and attendance tools will be used to track planned schedules versus actual events, so that work time can be accurately reported to payroll. RCSD business rules will be applied to automate employee notifications about events that require actions, as well as tracking the “who, where and when” of these events. Agency assets will be managed electronically, including issuance tracking, returns, or discharges. And all applicant information will be managed by the system, with candidate progression stages tracked through to academy acceptance.

With the new AgencyWeb® CourtNotify system, RCSD will be able to electronically issue and track their Criminal Court subpoenas. Officers will receive court notifications in real-time using their CourtNotify web account and agency email. Any scheduling conflicts will be red-flagged. And court attendance times with case results will be captured for statistical reporting. This will improve the department’s efficiencies, reduce court-related costs and increase RCSD witness attendance.

“RCSD is the perfect example of a large law enforcement agency reaching the conclusion that the business side of running their department has fallen way behind the very successful law enforcement side and is in need of balance”, states Orion Vice President of Sales, Rusty Byers. “The AgencyWeb® Administrator suite will allow all levels of the organization to have both situational awareness of where their people are, but also complete oversight of the cost associated with running one of the nation’s largest agencies”.

Deployment of the Riverside County Sheriff Department’s AgencyWeb® system begins in December, 2010 and is scheduled for completion by March of 2011.

About Orion Communications
Orion Communications is a women-owned business enterprise headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has been specializing in Public Safety and Judicial software products for municipal, county, and state government agencies since 1998. Orion’s AgencyWeb® Public Safety Business Management Solution includes applications that help agencies operate better by bridging all aspects of workforce management and sharing data with external systems as a standard practice.

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