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Simplify Management of the Security Workforce

Like most 24-hour services, security forces require adept scheduling with qualified personnel in order to be effective. It is important to keep experienced guards on duty where they are needed most, while also working to manage overtime costs.

When it comes to protecting buildings and other facilities, security forces need to identify areas of weakness and patrol them effectively at all hours to stop potential disruptions. But security companies face workforce management challenges other companies do not. What’s the best way to coordinate complex shift scheduling in multiple locations? How do you manage time and attendance for hundreds of security officers with multiple pay rates? And what about staying in compliance with local, state and federal government employee regulations unique to the security industry?

Orion's AgencyWeb® software can help.

AgencyWeb® IWM manages workforce activities and gives security personnel easy access to schedules, time & attendance tools, communications and other personnel information all from one centralized platform.

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