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Managed Hosting

Secure Public Sector Hosting Datacenter

Orion Communications Managed Hosting

Orion offers a comprehensive suite of managed hosting services for public sector agencies. Our managed hosting services provide a single point of contact for all of the ongoing administration, management and monitoring required to deliver production enterprise applications over the Internet.

By partnering with Datapipe Government Solutions, Orion's hosting services are delivered from within one of the world's finest datacenter facilities. The datacenter facilities utilized by Datapipe are some of the premier SAS 70 Type II datacenter facilities available in the United States. Each datacenter facility represents a $100 million investment or more, and includes high availability Internet connectivity.

It's a safe, reliable production IT environment for the operation and protection of either your licensed Orion solution or other licensed software. And there's no need for expensive hardware, maintenance or IT staff -- that’s our job.  By outsourcing the ongoing maintenance and administration of your complex systems, you’ll be able to concentrate your IT resources on other strategic initiatives.


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