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Officer Court Attendance Tracking

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AgencyWeb_CourtNotify Day of Court Tracking

Being able to quantify the amount of time spent in various courts and the results of court cases that officers are required to attend can prove daunting.  How many times have officers arrived at court to learn their case was dismissed? How many failed to appear?  What's the result of their cases?

Day-of-Court Attendance Tracking in Real-Time

Day-of-court attendance tracking is an optional add-on to AgencyWeb CourtNotify that captures officer's court attendance times and case results on web-enabled hardware devices at court houses.* 

The software's court attendance tracking collects witness arrival and departure times, as well as case dismissal information.  Witnesses that fail to appear are also logged. When these types of witnesses log back into their CourtNotify account, they must enter agency-defined reasons for their failure to appear.

Reports can be generated that include the total hours officers spent in court and the results of their court appearances.  Summary statistics of witnesses scheduled during their days-off help to improve overtime management.  Summary reports of failures-to-appear help improve accountability and identify non-appearance trends.

*Hardware devices not included.

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