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Enhancing CAD Systems


AgencyWeb IWM Enhances Dispatch Centers

Automate Updates.  Save Time.  Increase Data Accuracy.  

Most 911 centers are responsible for dispatching to multiple agencies with different disciplines -- from Fire, to Law Enforcement to EMS. When AgencyWeb IWM is part of your CAD solution, it is automatically synchronized with each agency’s continuously changing information – like changes about personnel who have acquired new certifications -- or those who have changed radios or have pre-assigned vehicles. As a result, your dispatchers are able to replace manual, outdated data entry and phone notification processes about first responders, equipment assignments and so much more.


Learn How to Enhance Your Existing CAD System


AgencyWeb IWM Adds Value to CADEliminates Manual CAD Data Entries Before Shifts

AgencyWeb IWM Adds Value to CADAutomatic Staffing Updates Based on Your Policies

Each agency’s scheduling and staffing assignments are automatically sent to CAD. Therefore, planned rosters are sent automatically during shift changes -- and any updates that affect the current status of a position, person, unit, or equipment item is sent in real-time. No more quick, last minute update entries that your dispatchers have to make.
Once configured with each agency’s policy rules, your CAD system automatically receives the rosters, personnel and vehicle info that matches and enforces their staffing and equipment standards.  As changes happen throughout shifts, CAD receives validated data that meets your officers requirements for skills and assignments. 

AgencyWeb IWM Adds Value to CADManags and Track Equipment at the Individual, Assignment and Unit Level.

AgencyWeb IWM Adds Value to CADUses CAD Incident Data for Workforce Analytics

CAD automatically receives real-time updates regarding asset assignments and equipment capabilities -- including vehicle and radio information. What's more, equipment is managed at the employee, assignment and unit level.
From an executive point of view, CAD incident data can be used for analytical purposes.  It's a powerful means of determining cost of services and can be viewed by any organizational breakdown ... down to the individual.