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Enhancing ERP Systems


Using Its Data to Look Forward as Well as Backward ERP Graphic.jpg

While ERP platforms are focused on managing workforce personnel, it is typically at the municipal, state or county level.  AgencyWeb IWM's focus is on the unique management of public safety personnel as they do their jobs on a daily basis.  

ERP systems also tend to look backwards in two-week payroll periods. AgencyWeb, on the other hand, goes beyond what was merely planned by looking forward. It is able to track and report to ERP systems what each employee actually did while they were working and the amount of time it took.  It's also able to correlate workforce data from CAD incidents and/or RMS activities in order to track what employees spent time doing. 


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Type of Data Exchanged with ERP Systems

ERP systems typically send basic personnel information to AgencyWeb, such as names, race, sex, birth date, the employee’s job class and where they are formally working within an agency. As such, an agency’s ERP system remains the system of record.  This is important at the municipal, county or state level.

AgencyWeb typically sends actual time worked to ERP systems -- thus replacing manual times sheets.  It exports details about the employee’s original schedule; the hours and activities they actually worked; and any exceptions or adjustments – including any overtime and leave-time. 


Check-mark-green.jpgTracks public safety activities at each agency's level Check-mark-green.jpgUses its data to look forward for better analysis and planning
Check-mark-green.jpgManages volunteers in addition to career employees Check-mark-green.jpgEmployees can view pay information throughout career