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Teamwork Tips & Tidbits

10/10/2013 - Fire Department Diversity and Inclusion Are Key to Reducing Risk
A recent national multicultural study that focused on community risk reduction showed that firefighters and civilians are at greater risk when fire departments do not: speak the languages; have cultural knowledge; have established trust; and when they don’t proactively reach out to build relationships with the communities they serve.

12/03/2012 -Teamwork: For Better Boating
A program to improve marine LEO safety & efficiency

06/19/2012 - How Sleeping-Quarters Choice Affects Firefighter Camaraderie
Deputy Chief Ken Leake of the Phoenix Fire Department addresses the impact individualized sleeping quarters has on firefighter camaraderie.

1/12/2012 - How to Achieve Effective Teamwork in EMS
The use of teams leads to greater productivity, more effective use of resources, better decisions and problem solving.