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  • AgencyWeb Time and Attendance
    Time and Attendance ... Automation Driven by Your Pay Rules


Auto-Filled Timesheets Simplify Timekeeping, Ensure Accuracy and Minimize Compliance Risks

You've planned your schedules and assigned your workforce personnel. But what actually happened?  That's what payroll needs to know. Let AgencyWeb empower you with automation based on your unique rules.

From basic to the most complex leave and overtime requirements, AgencyWeb uses an ideal combination of your planned schedules, your pay rules and any pay exceptions that occurred during each shift to auto-fill employee timesheets. By automatically pushing actual time worked that includes taken pay exceptions to online employee timesheets, your time and attendance process will be quick, easy and most importantly accurate. 


      AgencyWeb Time Worked to Payroll Process


Employee timesheets automatically include approved time-off or overtime hours submitted by employees, as well as those entered at the last minute by staffing managers. With this done automatically, your managers will simply have to review and approve.  Payroll personnel can then print accurate reports and your pay period data can be transmitted directly to payroll systems.   Remember, it's your rules ... have it your way.



Save Time and Reduce Costly Errors



Track Employee Activity Cost



Make Changes Quickly on the Fly

AgencyWeb automates workflows to ensure that HR, payroll, and union policy compliance requirements are consistently applied.  As a result, labor intense manual methods with costly errors are eliminated. 

Pay period data is accurately transmitted to payroll systems.  Labor cost is better controlled, compliance risk are minimized and over payments are eliminated.  It's an ideal solution that affects the bottom line.


Employee activity cost tracking gives you insight into the ‘where, when and what’ about actual time worked. Activities can be tracked against cost centers or grant funding to view costs of services or special events.

When interfaced with other systems, like CAD or RMS, your activity data can be collected and used for workforce analytical purposes from organizational down to individual perspectives.  


With AgencyWeb, your shift managers can quickly make changes within online shift rosters. Late arrivals, unplanned absences or overtime assignments, can be entered and saved by authorized personnel. 

Unplanned vacancies can be quickly filled using automation that identifies qualified, 'next-up' employees. Configurations can be applied to minimize the finical impact and ensure fair assignments.

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Pay Exception Management

AgencyWeb uses pay exception management as the means of processing any exceptions to employee’s standard compensation rate.  From overtime, to time-off pay, to collective bargaining agreement pay rules for designated personnel, AgencyWeb's pay exception automation will do the heavy lifting for you.

 AgencyWeb Mobile Leave Request  

Simplify Absence Management and Automate Compliance Requirements

Managing absenteeism and compliance requirements can be time consuming and strain your budget.  With AgencyWeb, you will save time using leave process automation and will have audit trails of collected data for top-down reporting analysis.  

FMLA is supported, along with the automation of complex absenteeism policy rules.  Leave types can be configured to auto-approve if your defined rules has been met.  Medical leaves support HIPPA privacy policies and serves as a centralized tracking location for authorized administrators.

Employees can submit leave requests using PC's or mobile devices.  Workflows automatically route requests supervisors, who receive email notifications and view at-a-glance requests summaries. All employees have the ability to view their leave accrual balances in real-time.  Conflict checking prompts employees when balances fall below their requested hours or when they have scheduling conflicts.

When unplanned time off occurs, authorized personnel are able to enter and approve absence details directly in shift rosters.  This enables a quick back filling of vacancies for mandatory assignments.  Once saved, all details are logged on shift rosters and employee calendars. 

 Enter Overtime Requests Using PC's and Mobile Devices  

Improve Overtime Financial Impact While Ensuring Fairness

If you are looking for ways to minimize your spiraling overtime cost, look no further.  AgencyWeb will help to reduce your overtime cost by improving scheduling administration and making staffing pre-planning easier.  

When overtime does become necessary, employees or supervisors are able to submit requests using PC's or mobile devices. Request workflows can be established to require one or multiple supervisory approvals. 

All requests are tracked against funding sources. Supervisors are able to review and respond to requests individually or as a group.

Authorized personnel are able to initiate overtime directly from shift rosters.  This is valuable when back filling unplanned vacancies with qualified personnel based on your rules.  This helps manage the financial impact while ensuring fair assignments.

All approved overtime is automatically updated on staffing rosters and employee calendars in real-time.  Overtime analytical screens can be configured to display historical overtime statistics for audits and reporting purposes.


Enable Fairness Using Voluntary Overtime Sign Up

Employees are able to indicate their willingness to work additional shifts using AgencyWeb's overtime sign-up tools.  By entering their availability to work for specific organizations, on specific dates and at specific times, each employee's name is placed on a listing of available candidates. 

Your own rules can be used to qualify employee listing placements, such as maximum overtime within a pay period, seniority level or skills needed for the job.   Overtime sign up lists are tracked and sorted for easy selection of the most eligible employee that meets fairness requirements. 


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    Comprehensive Time Clock Technology
    When time clock technology is a requirement, Orion offers a range of wall mount time clocks that can be interfaced with the AgencyWeb solution.

Telephone time entry


Allow employees to call an agency phone number to clock in and out.


Fingerprint biometric time entry

Fingerprint Biometrics

Allow employees to clock in and out by placing their finger on a wall mount scanner.


Hand scanner time entry

Hand Scanners

Allow employees to clock in and out by placing their hand on a wall mount scanner.


Card Swipe Time Entry

Card Swipe

Use Time Clocks with magnetic, bar code, or prox readers to read badges for in and out time.