Workforce Management Complexity - Simplified.

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Training Tips & Tidbits

10/01/2013 - Failure to Train
Can an agency be liable for failing to train its officers on a specific tool?

01/14/2013 - Tailboard Talk: What Is the Best Way for Firefighters to Learn?

10/30/2012 - Teaching the Police Ethos
Present ethics in a positive, non-accusatory way and the topic won't tick off officers.

10/17/2012 - What Prosecutors Want You to Know
How to look good, sound good, and do good on the witness stand.

08/01/2012 - From the Driver’s Seat
Training your officers to respond to a vehicle ambush

07/18/2012 - Coaching Cops Isn't a Game
What coaching is, what it isn't, & what law enforcement must know

06/29/2012 - The Training Conundrum
Has your training made you ready & able for a violent, deadly force encounter?

06/06/2012 - 3 training villains: How to avoid being one
In today’s world, training budgets have been cut with machetes rather than scalpels. Keeping that in mind, when your agency does send you to training it behooves you to get everything you possibly can from the experience. You want to avoid the natural tendency of becoming a “don’t care at all,” a “know it all,” or a “damn it all.”

12/01/2011 - Is Your Agency A Learning Organization?
In times of great change, certain qualities can help an agency thrive.