Workforce Management Complexity - Simplified.

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Why Orion Communications?

Great companies are made up of great people who believe in the customers they serve.



To be a great company, we've attracted a dedicated workforce that sincerely believes in the customers we serve.

Orion Communications


Orion's software solutions are designed specifically for public safety and are continuously evolving as the needs of the marketplace evolve. But it's our workforce that's at the heart of our solutions.  Aligning their passion with our company goals to 'Serve Those Who Serve' is at the heart of our success. 

Sure, our software and our ability to configure it based on your specific needs have resulted in our proven track record as a great provider. But for us, being a great software provider means being able to provide you with solutions and services that are relevant and sustainable. How?  The answer always circles back to our people.  

Our Orion team values being easy to do business with and providing automated applications that simplify public safety's workforce complexities.  We take pride in knowing that we are part of the greater effort to serve all of our communities. Thank you for allowing us to participate in this vital role.