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    Workforce Analytics ... Using Your Data to Drive Actionable Intelligence

AgencyWeb IWM

It’s Your Data.  Use It to Gain Real-Time Workforce Operational Insights.

Want to include analytical reporting in your AgencyWeb solution?   We’ve got you covered.   With AgencyWeb IWM's analytics you’ll streamline the collection and analytical reporting of the 'what, where and when' of employee activities.  Powerful tools will give you real-time visibility about your operations from one convenient location.

Centralized Access to Workforce Dashboards and Reports for Better Decision Making

Workforce data collected by public safety agencies is often located in disparate, silo systems. By using its own historical activity data and/or data received from interfaced systems, you’ll be able to access dashboard views that provide powerful insights for data-driven decision making.

All activity data is stored in roll-up summaries with drill-down links to access details. This will empower you with information regarding actual workforce activities and their associated costs by any organizational selection or date range.

As workforce patterns become evident, you’ll be able to use specific, data-driven information to address areas such as scheduling shortages, overtime, training, equipment or other areas of daily operations.

  Workforce Analytics from CAD
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Examples of AgencyWeb Workforce Analytics  

Self-Service Analytics and Business Intelligence Reporting the Way You Want It

When AgencyWeb's embedded self-service analytics and business intelligence tool is included with your solution, you'll be able to generate you own ad-hoc reports and dashboard views. Simply assign administrative rights to authorized personnel who will be able to create reports and graphical dashboards for management viewing.

This self-service reporting role allows complete control of database access rights, viewing tables and generation of reports from predefined queries and results as provided by Orion. This will allow generation of ad-hoc data access without external engineering services.

Prefer not to do it yourself? No problem. Orion can support any workforce analytical services you may desire.