Workforce Management Complexity - Simplified.

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    Workforce Data Management ... Centralizing Daily Employee Operations
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Workforce Data Used for Daily Operations and Employee Activity Tracking

At the heart of every agency is its workforce.  The AgencyWeb solution uses your workforce's personnel data as its foundation to drive operational activities. This includes management of full-time, part-time, sworn, non- sworn, volunteers and reserves. It's your one-stop-operational-shop for workforce management.

With AgencyWeb, each employee's personnel data and activities are tracked and saved throughout their career.  As a result, you'll be able to view historical, data-driven workforce analytics in one centralized location.  With this ability, you can make insightful and accurate workforce-related decisions using your own data.

   AgencyWeb Employee Records



 Centralize Operational Management 


View Calls-to-Action in Real-Time


Control User Access and Ensure Security

Think of AgencyWeb as your one-stop-shop for daily  operations.  Rather than bouncing from one system to another, you'll be able to manage your agency's daily activities in one convenient location. 

From HR, to scheduling, to training, asset management and beyond.  It's all at your fingertips and it's in real-time.  Ideal for individual agencies or groups of agencies with their own policies and procedures.  


Kept simple and made smart, AgencyWeb's home screen includes at-a-glance dashboard views for your employee to view their schedules, approved events and the status of their leave, OT, training and asset requests. 

They'll also view any court notices, asset assignments, scheduled training courses and agency announcements. Supervisors will view workflow requests awaiting their response.  It's easy-to-use and all in real-time.


AgencyWeb's role-based permission structure will ensure that your workforce personnel are able to only access information based on their responsibilities and assigned security levels. 

What's more, AgencyWeb can manage the security groups and roles within interfaced, external systems. It not only manages the group persons are members of, but also the ongoing changes that occur daily.  

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Employee Self-Service Workflows

Increases Efficiencies


By providing your employees AgencyWeb's  self-service capabilities, your administrative workload will be reduced, and time consuming manual processes will be eliminated. 

All workflow automation will be based on your policies and rules. As a result, your managers will be able to respond to requests knowing that checks are in place to ensure compliance and flag conflicts.

Managers will receive alerts via email or on mobile devices informing them about employee requests. At-a-glance views will enable quick response to subordinate requests -- or when covering for other supervisors.

Once responses are saved, they will be automatically displayed in several locations throughout the system in real-time.


 Employee Self-Services


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    Eliminate Redundancies and Improve Accuracy by Exchanging Data with External Systems


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With Orion's AgencyWeb Agent interface software as part of your solution, you'll be able to send, receive and validate complex and continuously changing data with external technology platforms.

With this ability, one system can be declared your 'system of record' and any time consuming, redundant data entries will be eliminated.  Eventually, certain systems may be permanently retired -- along with their maintenance cost.

By using its own data, and/or data from interfaced systems, your command staff will be able to access operational snapshots of daily workforce activities.  These can be viewed by any organizational breakdown, down to the individual performer level ... including the cost of services.