Training Services

Knowledge that Empowers Your Workforce

Whether you’re deploying a new solution or need a refresher, we’ve got courses that enable quick user adaptability. We’ve listened and designed the role-based programs you’ve told us you need.

Self Service Training

Self-Directed Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Embedded directly within our solution is the Orion Knowledge Center. This self-directed library enables users to select topics they’d like to learn more about. It includes downloadable quick-start guides that can be viewed online or printed for easy reference.

You’ve Made Your Software Investment
Let Your Learning Journey Begin

Whether in person or via web conferencing, our instructor-led training provides the guidance you need to successfully use your new Orion solution on a daily basis. Your workforce receives hands-on instructor-led exercises and training materials that can be shared throughout your organization.



We’ll begin our knowledge transfer with your system administrators who will be responsible for the majority of your solution. After we’ve completed your onboarding configurations, we’ll help them understand how your system is set up.



Role-based management training covers topics like scheduling, timekeeping, operational equipment management, and more. Users will learn how to manage different portions of your Orion solution based on their roles and responsibilities.


Daily Use

Before go-live, we’ll conduct Train-the-Trainer sessions. Or, if you prefer, we can train all of your end users. We offer on-site, auditorium-style training that’s led by instructors and based on day and night shifts. Simply pick which approach works best for you.

Training Analytics

Want to Set Up Your Own Analytics? Check Out Our Analytics Training.

We can teach you how to setup your own data models to logically create data groups. Then, we’ll instruct you on how to interrogate your data to create charts, tables, and other visualizations dashboards.


Once we show you how to share your analytics and schedule reports for automatic distribution, you’re off to the races.

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We Look Forward to Learning About You

Our solutions experts are eager to learn more about your unique needs—just reach out and tell us more. We are here to serve!