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The ability to generate accurate, relevant, and timely information is critical in understanding  your workforce. However, static reporting methods can be labor intensive and often become outdated once completed. Through manipulation or combination of multiple data sources, traditional reports are prone to errors. 

What’s more, different divisional leaders are unable to dig deeper and view results from their division's points of view.  Let's face it ... status quo reporting methods were fine in the past.  But going forward, you  need an easy way to view real-time insights about the workforce trends that matter most.  You need Interactive Analytics.



Go beyond widget dashboards and have an interactive experience with your data.  You can generate real-time charts, visualizations, dashboards and reports. With analytics embedded directly within your solution, there’s no need to invest in proprietary data storage or recreate your infrastructure. Instead, non-technical personnel can create the analytics they want most and drill down into root causes. It’s a hands-on approach that delivers results based on each person's individual view point.


For example, being able to use your scheduling data to generate analytical snapshots of future staffing gaps will help staffing managers with proactive planning. The analytics displayed to the left provides a rolling monthly view of upcoming time-off by rank within each organization. With this type of information compared against staffing levels, staffing managers have data-driven insights to help back fill their vacancy requirements.

Schedule When and With Whom to Share Specific Analytics

Share your analytics with other users to help them see the story within the data. Schedule ongoing delivery of analytical reports and visualizations to specific personnel or groups. From spotting workforce trends to discovering overtime causes, using analytical visualizations will help you make data-driven decisions faster and more easily.

Endless Possibilities for Data Interactions

From Human Resources, to Operations, Training and beyond, Interactive Analytics is ideal for non-technical personnel using information saved in your Workforce Management PLUS or CourtNotify solution. You can even use data received from external platforms, such as CAD or RMS.


You’ll soon notice patterns in workforce activities and the associated costs.  It's a valuable tool that brings new levels of understanding and can help manage critical areas of the public safety workforce.  From scheduling shortages, to overtime, training, and operational equipment usage -- it just depends on your point of view.


The Missing Link for Data-Driven Management and Justifications

  • Grant-funded activities
  • Trends for future planning
  • Response times to CAD incidents
  • Certification renewals
  • Causes of excessive overtime
  • Status of regulatory reporting
  • Firearms usage and renewals
  • Sources of unplanned absenteeism
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