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Managing Your Workforce Can Be Hard. Let’s Make It Easy.

We get it. Your job is complex and multifaceted -- politically, economically and culturally. A day in the life can range from ensuring that your personnel are handling life threatening events to accurately reporting about those events and planning how to best do it again tomorrow.


Life and death situations are daily concerns. Balancing workforce safety, accountability and policy compliance with complex scheduling, compensation and operational processes is impossible using manual, ad hoc methods augmented by spreadsheets. Relying on homegrown disparate systems or generic workforce management platforms only adds to your workload. We understand and have the best solution for you.

It's time to experience the value of Orion’s public safety workforce software.

Who We Serve


Law Enforcement

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Delivering Fair, Firm and Consistent Safety for the Incarcerated.


Fire and EMS

Calming Fears. Easing Minds. Saving Lives.



Providing Effective Government Nationwide.


What Makes Orion Different?

It's our operational public safety solutions combined with our services that do the heavy lifting!

  • Embedded Public Safety Workforce Analytics with employee and operational trends that include cost-of-services.
  • Adaptable Role-Based Access That Includes Capabilities and Pay Calculations for personnel backfilling out of class ranks.
  • Manager Decision Automation based on agency rules, such as time-off processing or backfilling of vacancies.
  • Employee Process Automation delivery of operational business processes via mobile devices, geolocation attendance tracking, with notifications and preference methods.
  • Centralized Employee Security Access Controls to Disparate Technology platforms.
  • Integration with CAD for improved dispatcher visibility about roll call personnel, asset and skills.
  • Public Safety Business Rule Consulting that enables automation of unique polices and business rules, such as collective bargining agreements, pay exceptions, fatigue and security policies.
  • System Configuration Services performed 100% by Orion using each agency’s unique rules.
  • Ongoing Administrative Services that frees up oversight by internal personnel.

Delivering Valuable Results to Our Customers from Coast to Coast!

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Why Orion?

100% Public Safety Workforce Focused

Orion goes beyond other workforce management providers by including essential operational capabilities within our centralized solution that are highly configurable using each customer’s unique business rules. By including interactive analytics, Orion customers can interrogate their data to reveal real-time insights about operations, workforce trends and their cost-of-services.

About Us

Orion has been providing web-based software for the public safety workforce since 1998. We are a certified woman-owned business and have public safety customers nationwide. Many of us come from public safety and offer knowledgeable best practices that is based on our experience. We take sincere pride in knowing that we are part of the greater effort to serve our communities coast to coast.


How Public Safety is Meeting Today's Challenges

We invite you to visit our resource library, where you can gain insight into the ways public safety agencies are meeting workforce-centric challenges. From public safety associations to technology funding sources and whitepapers, you'll find tips to help manage your workforce. We're adding new information daily, so be sure to check back for the latest updates.

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