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We get it. Your job is complicated and multifaceted -- politically, economically and culturally. Balancing workforce safety, accountability and policy compliance with complex administrative and operational processes is impossible using ad hoc methods augmented by spreadsheets. Relying on disparate systems or generic workforce management products only adds to your workload.


It’s time for something smarter and more efficient.  It's time for Orion.



What Makes Orion Different?

Orion is 100% dedicated to providing solutions for the public safety workforce that results in operational efficiencies. Our mission is to deliver a best-in-class web and mobile portfolio that supports professionals like you, who are running public safety organizations and the employees who serve your communities. Unlike other workforce management software providers, our software solutions are designed exclusively to support the complexities of managing public safety personnel. When we say that we “Serve Those Who Serve” – we mean it. This is our company mission and we’ve been doing it for over two decades.

Many of us come from public safety and have seen diverse workflows, creative workarounds, and extensive agency-specific procedures and rules. That’s why we’ve teamed up the brightest technical minds with retired public safety and government veterans who have first-hand knowledge about the challenges you face daily. Our teams are CJIS certified and maintain the highest levels of data security. It’s the perfect blend of software engineering with subject matter experts that speak your language. This expertise is who we are and what makes us stand apart from other vendors as your public safety problem-solver.

Our workforce management software is definitely not a one-size fits all, like other off-the-self providers. Our solutions are highly configurable and enable each customer to automate operational processes using their own policies and business rules. Extremely complex staffing and equipment assignments are configured to increase officer and firefighter safety while minimizing cost. Multifaceted pay exception rules are setup to automate payroll accuracy that ERP systems simply can’t support. Data driven analytics reveals real-time insights about activities and the cost of your services. What's more, our solutions are available as cloud-based modular platforms so you can choose what you need – whenever you need it.

Who We Serve


Law Enforcement

Protecting and Serving Our Communities.



Delivering Fair, Firm and Consistent Safety for the Incarcerated.


Fire and EMS

Calming Fears. Easing Minds. Saving Lives.



Providing Effective Government Nationwide.


Delivering Proven Results to Our Customers from Coast to Coast!


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Software and Services for Operational Readiness

Orion goes beyond other software providers by improving the operational deployment of your public safety workforce. Our mission is to help you get the right persons, with the right qualification, to the right locations using the right equipment. Then we’re all about getting them paid the right amount and continuously trained at the right times to do it all again tomorrow.

From scheduling to asset management and data exchanges with other technologies, our public safety workforce management expertise is what agencies nationwide have come to rely on 24/7.

About Orion

Orion is a certified woman-owned business, who has been serving public safety agencies since 1998. Many of us are retired public safety professionals or government veterans who bring first-hand knowledge of public safety processes, policies and technologies. Our Client Success and Customer Support teams work with our customers to understand their needs and proactively help them achieve their goals. Our Technical teams are CJIS certified and multi-disciplinary, with members that specialize in different products, subsystems, and project phases. It’s this talent pool of young professionals with dynamic technical skills and experienced public safety experts that is at the heart of our success.


Public Safety Tips and Tidbits

We invite you to visit our resource library, where you can gain insight into the ways public safety agencies are meeting workforce-centric challenges. From public safety associations to technology funding sources and blogs, you'll find tips to help manage your workforce. We're adding new information daily, so be sure to check back for the latest updates.

We Look Forward to Learning About You

Our operational experts are eager to learn about any challenges you may be experiencing managing your workforce. Most of us come from public safety and have experience solving the types of problems you face on a daily basis. Just let us know how you'd like to connect!

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