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Law Enforcement 

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Streamlining the Management of Law Enforcement Personnel

Today's law enforcement agencies are faced with unprecedented challenges… such as how to maximize resources in spite of tighter budgets.  Overstaffing can result in significant overspending, while under-staffing can have a detrimental effect on crime and community service levels. Managing overtime is always a top priority since it can be significant for any agency’s budget.  Yet before agencies can control their OT costs, it’s important to know how, where and why it’s occurring.

Then there’s the daunting task of getting the right persons, with the right qualifications, to the right locations in time – and paying them the right amount. Not to mention other requirements -- like dealing with increasing regulatory compliances, ensuring training certifications are accurate and facilitating 24/7 communications 365 days a year. How about court attendance? And managing mission critical assets? It's not easily done using manual, paper processes.

Orion’s AgencyWeb® software can help.

AgencyWeb® IWM is ideal for managing daily law enforcement workforce activities. With AgencyWeb personnel are able to simply log-in for real-time access to their schedules, training, personnel information and so much more. 

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