Cloud-Based Operational Workforce Management Software

We get it. You need solutions using architecture that will serve your agency for the next 10+ years. They’ve got to be flexible enough to automate policy requirements that your workforce faces on a daily basis. Plus, as a cloud-based solution, they must have an infrastructure you trust 24/7 with the highest levels of security so your data is not exposed to risks. Following the status quo using manual processes supplemented by spreadsheets, homegrown disparate systems, or other workforce management products just won't cut it. You need a solution now, not later.

You need something smarter and more relevant. You need Orion.


Orion Workforce Management Products

Designed for Public Safety. Configured for You.

Built using Microsoft technology, Orion’s Public Safety software includes highly configurable workforce solutions that agencies rely upon 24/7/365. Designed to improve your operational efficiencies, these solutions include seamless modules for daily workforce management that you can add if and when you need them.


- Automate scheduling and payroll processes using your rules
- Save time ensuring workforce policy compliances
- Ensure qualified assignments with minimized OT cost
- Increase control of costly equipment assignments
- Improve efficiencies with employee self-services
- Utilize data-driven visualizations for better decision-making

Secure Technology You Can Count On

As a certified Azure Government Provider, our cloud-based software's infrastructure environment features FedRAMP architecture that provides the highest levels of data security, system uptime, and built-in redundancy. Plus, with continuous BreachLock penetration testing we nip potential hacking vulnerabilities in the bud. Now that's security you can count on!

Select What You Need Now and Add More Later.


Designed for Public safety. Tailored for you.

Workforce Management PLUS

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Justice May Be Blind. Your Subpoena Process Doesn’t Have to Be.


  • Reduce court delays and improve case closures
  • Improve witness attendance communications
  • Reduce officer overtime cost for unnecessary appearances
  • Decrease administrative costs and increase fine collections
  • Improve notication process for jailed witnesses




End-to-End Subpoena Management Software for Officers, Civilians and Incarcerated Witnesses

Send court notices electronically in real-time and view witness receipt acknowledgements as part of case events. With CourtNotify witness attendance is improved and administrative time saved for prosecutors, public defenders, court clerks, public safety or civilian witnesses.


It’s a unifying subpoena solution for all criminal justice practitioners.


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It’s Your Data. Have a Conversation with It.


  • Generate visualizations and reports without needing technical expertise
  • Interact with data based on your specific point of view
  • Eliminate need for proprietary data storage or separate infrastructure
  • Save time generating and distributing ongoing reports



Analytical Tools Enable You to Use the Data of Your Choice and Easily Generate Real-Time Visualizations

Go beyond static reports and widget dashboards.  Interactive Analytics enables you to probe your data from different points-of-view.  You'll be able to create real-time charts, reports, and dashboards that can be shared with others on a regular basis.


It’s an insightful way to see the stories your data can tell.

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Keep Your Workforce Connected – Anytime, Anywhere.


  • Complete scheduling and administrative tasks from the field
  • Quickly respond to time-off, swaps and overtime requests
  • Receive agency notifications and alerts in real-time
  • Ensure compliance with public safety attendance policies



MobileTRKR_Orion Mobile

Mobile Solutions Designed Specifically for the Demands of Public Safety Personnel

Orion Mobile

Give your workforce the convenience of mobile access to their Workforce Management PLUS or CourtNotify account with Orion Mobile.  



Track workforce attendance and log results at public safety events with Orion MobileTRKR.


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Continuously Exchanging Information. Simply.


  • Eliminate redundant, manual data entries in multple systems
  • Ensure accuracy by automating data exchanges
  • Centralize user access to 3rd party systems
  • Integrate with CAD 4for improved dispatcher visibility about roll call personnel, asset and skills
  • Generate operational workforce analytics using data received from external platforms
  • Utilize flexible data exchange methods



Send, Receive, and Validate Data as a Standard Practice with Other Technologies

Continuously exchange workforce data with third party systems using Interface Agent. You’ll close gaps between disparate systems and realize efficiencies you never imaged.

Let's Work Together!

Our operational experts would enjoy learning how you are managing your workforce and if there are any challenges you may be experiencing. Most of us come from public safety and may be able to solve the types of problems you face daily. Just let us know how you'd like to connect!

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