Intelligent Workforce Management Software

AgencyWeb® ... Comprehensive.  Configurable.  Secure.

Traditionally, public sector agencies have piecemealed together a myriad of systems to meet their workforce management and administrative needs.   Typically, these technologies are either weak or narrow in their focus.  As a result, agencies are dealing with higher maintenance costs, greater IT oversight to keep these systems running and constant workarounds to fill the remaining gaps.

AgencyWeb Offers a More Efficent Experience

The AgencyWeb® suite of products is designed for public sector organizations with complex workforce requirements.  Its intelligent infrastructure applies agency rules to processes that increases workforce productivity, reduces workforce related costs and

ensures that regulatory compliances are met.  When combined with Orion's workforce process expertise, a unified solution results that connects agency employees, volunteers, management and business rules in real-time. 

What's more, Orion's software interface capabilities allow agencies to share data in real-time with different resources, jurisdictions and legacy systems.  Add to that our unique workforce consulting services to complete the transition from outdated manual processes to an efficient online experience.  

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