Workforce Management Complexity - Simplified.

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    AgencyWeb Workforce Automation Software

    Easy-to-use, web-based software that simplifies the complexities of public safety workforce management whenever ... where ever.

Workforce Efficiencies. Great for Your Agency. Best for the Communities You Serve.


AgencyWebAgencyWeb® is web-based software that simplifies the management of public safety personnel. 

Embraced by supervisors and employees alike, AgencyWeb is accessible 24/7/365 from anywhere with an Internet connection. 

Extremely flexible, it's an ideal solution for small to the largest of agencies.

AgencyWeb can serve as a county-wide, multiple agency solution on a centralized platform, with each agency controlling their own policies requirements.

 What is AgencyWeb® ... and Why?

AgencyWeb IWM

AgencyWeb® IWM

So what's the 'IWM' stand for anyway? It's 'intelligent workforce management'. With IWM at your fingertips, you'll be able to control labor cost while increasing operational efficiencies.

AgencyWeb CourtNotify

AgencyWeb® CourtNotify 

Imagine an end-to-end subpoena notification system that unites all criminal justice practitioners -- from the courts, to officers, to civilians. You've just described AgencyWeb CourtNotify.

AgencyWeb Mobile TRKR

AgencyWeb® MobileTRKR 

Need to track attendance at public safety centric events -- like court or training, or at firearm ranges? How about capturing the result? AgencyWeb MobileTRKR has got you covered. 

AgencyWeb Agent

AgencyWeb® Agent

You're probably using one already -- CAD, RMS, JMS, or something else. With AgencyWeb Agent interface software, you can exchange data with these and other public safety systems.

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   Data-Driven Analytics Provide Insights About Your Workforce

AgencyWeb is a proven automated workforce solution used by public safety organizations coast to coast. Being able to use the system to analyze your own workforce data will provide your leaders with better insights about operations, trends and policy decisions. 

Workforce icon.png  Workforce Administration Analytics

  • Labor costs
  • Budget trends & liability risks
  • Absence trends & liabilities
  • Resource grant funding

 Effectiveness icon.jpg Operational Effectiveness Analytics 

  • Workforce activity tracking
  • Scheduled vs. actual work hrs.
  • Court event costs and results
  • Dispatched times and costs 

Operational icon.jpg Operational  Capability  Analytics

  • Skills & certification capabilities
  • Asset costs and utilization
  • Audit liability risk
  • Agency score card reports


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