Public Safety Workforce Management SaaS Software

Orion’s SaaS software centralizes the management of sworn, civilian and volunteer personnel in diverse roles who work in multiple locations. From automating complex staffing, payroll and operational policies to simplifying asset assignments and training requirements, we help agencies nationwide save time, reduce cost and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Administrate Easier. Operate Safer. Work Smarter.

Sure, there's lots of providers offering scheduling or workforce management software. But what's under the hood? And do they deliver the security needed to prevent the impact that today’s cyber-attacks can have on your agency, your workforce, and the public you serve. Probably not.

Enter Orion.

Our SaaS software includes proven solutions that public safety agencies nationwide depend upon 24/7/365. From staffing to training, to assets and more. Hosted in our Microsoft Azure Government infrastructure, you’ll experience mission critical software that meets the highest levels of data security, system uptime, and built-in redundancy.

Your Public Safety Workforce Management Problem Solving Tools

Which Orion Toolbelt is right for you?

We know that a day in your life is filled with unique challenges. Take this quick 30-second assessment to learn which of our software tool belts  will solve them once and for all!

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Public Safety Expertise Equates to Valuable Results

With most of us coming from public safety, we have first-hand knowledge of your daily processes and the technologies you're using. It’s our decades of combined experience that adds significant value to your software investment and its operational results.

Our first job is to do the heavy lifting for you so your team can focus on what they were hired to do -- serving your communities. From configuring your rules within your new software toolbelt to training your workforce, our services ensure that you are quickly experiencing its operational value.

Once you’re live, we'll be right there with you to ensure that your workforce realizes your new solution's efficiencies. As your long-term partner, we’ll be providing forward thinking upgrades that are derived from problems solved by other public safety agencies nationwide. With our online Knowledge Center, any questions your personnel have will be right at their fingertips.

We've got your back. When we say “Our Mission is to Serve Those Who Serve” – we mean it. This is our company mission and we have been doing it for over two decades.

How Can We Serve You?

Now that you know more about how we could serve your agency, we'd like to know about you.  Our public safety experts welcome learning about any challenges you may be experiencing managing your workforce.  Just let us know how you'd like to connect!