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It’s Time to Rethink How Your Agency Operates

Posted by Jackie Belasky

Jun 18, 2020 7:08:59 PM


There may never have been a more challenging time to be working in public safety than right now.  Since the outbreak of COVID-19 many first responders have been working excessively long hours, often for several weeks in a row to keep our communities safe.  These past few weeks have been incredibly tough for law enforcement with civil unrest and calls for reform, de-funding and even dismantling of police agencies. With overtime already spiraling out of control and the long term impact of the economic slowdown, many agencies are looking back in order to chart a course forward.


It's obvious that life in the 'new normal' has already changed dramatically.  But hold on to your hats – it’s just getting started.   Remember only a few months ago being focused on a shortage of PPE’s and healthcare resources?  Planning for those supply-chain items is still part of your future, but  now multiplied 10 times over.  

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Topics: Workforce Management, Public Safety Technology