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Law enforcement agencies need to manage continuous challenges in rapidly changing environments. Transparency and accountability are crucial, with qualified personnel needing to be in the right places at the right times.

Being at the forefront of this year’s COVID-19 relief efforts combined with calls for policing reforms, agencies nationwide are rethinking how to become more resilient, effective, and efficient. From controlling spiraling overtime cost to applying new policies and scheduling methodologies that protect and serve, managing the law enforcement workforce has become increasingly more complex.

Centralizing the administrative and operational aspects of law enforcement management will be essential. Using data-driven analytics to provide actionable insights will be critical – no matter if the data revolves around costs, schedules, training, or equipment.

Knowing where budget dollars are going and where they have been will be key. Knowing how to pre-plan for COVID vacancies and estimate future staffing levels will be indispensable. Knowing who has and has not received required training will be vital. This is about transformation – and technology can serve as the means.

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Today's Law Enforcement Workforce Challenges

  • Defining and enforcing operational policy reforms
  • Adjusting financially and operationally to government defunding efforts
  • Maintaining minimum staffing levels in lieu of COVID vacancies
  • Calculating pay adjustments for personnel back-filling other ranks due to COVID
  • Tracking COVID related cost for reimbursement justifications
  • Adhering to COVID PPE policies and disinfection policies for equipment
  • Ensuring personnel training requirements achieved and reported

How Does Orion Serve Law Enforcement?

Orion’s mission to serve those who serve is at the heart of our operational workforce management technology. Law enforcement leaders have difficult tasks balancing complicated scheduling, timekeeping, training, and operational equipment processes. By enabling customer configurations to automate these complexities and including workforce analytical tools directly in the solution, Orion is supporting the greater effort to serve communities from coast to coast.

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