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Personnel Management

Administrative and Operational Information You Can Act Upon

At the core of every agency is its workforce—and your workforce is rather complicated. It includes a wide range of personnel, from employees to volunteers and reserves, to full-time, part-time, sworn and civilian personnel. Work locations can range from administrative headquarters to patrol cars to EMS or firefight apparatuses located at numerous stations, to multi-campus correctional facilities. 

Management varies significantly based on each person’s role, so there are many moving parts to oversee. You need a solution that adds value to your ERP or HR system.  You need it to not only track employment and HR data, but to also track operational information that automates your rules ... like assignments, equipment, skills and so much more.  You need Orion.

Orion Employee Records

Employee Records -- Actionable and Informational

In addition to employment and human resources information, this solution tracks operational data throughout the duration of each user’s tenure. Data may be informational only or may trigger system automation regarding scheduling, payroll, equipment or training that's based on your rules.

It's your system. You'll have it your way!

Adaptable Role-Based Access Control for Fluctuating Assignments

Rest assured that each user will only have access to the information needed for their specific responsibilities. What’s more, as your employees bump up or down into temporary assignments, their access and capabilities can be set up to follow those assumed rights. Any associated pay rates can also be adapted for the hours worked in the reassignment. Now that’s efficiency.

Job Postings

Simplify Internal Job Hiring Administration

Recruiting is a continuous responsibility, whether you’re working to fill vacancies, staff a new position, or plan for succession management. If your policy is such that you conduct internal recruitment first, we've got the right tools.

With internal job hiring, your workforce can view and apply for internal job opportunities. Then, hiring managers can review candidate documentation, collaborate with other influencers, and extend job offers using online workflows. It's an efficiently centralized solution.


Is the Information in Your Employee's Records Able to Automate Your Rules?

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