CourtNotify SaaS Subpoena Software

Streamline Subpoena Management for Officer and Civilian Witnesses

In the demanding world of criminal justice, subpoena management is an essential components of the judicial process. Outdated notification processes for officers and civilian witnesses result in compounded ramifications throughout the entire judicial system. From failures-to-appear that delay court hearings to unnecessary officer attendance that results in overtime and staffing burdens – judicial and law enforcement organizations need a smarter solution. They need CourtNotify.

Experience the Efficiencies of SaaS Subpoena Management


From subpoena issuance in real-time to day-to-court officer attendance tracking, CourtNotify is a proven solution that closes gaps between the courts, attorneys and law enforcement.

  • Centralize viewing for all criminal justice practitioners and law enforcement
  • View notification issuance and acknowledge statuses in real-time
  • Close gaps with 2-way communications saved within each case event
  • Automate escalations for officers that fail acknowledge events
  • Reduce scheduling delays with improved awareness of officer's schedules, end-of-service dates, and incarcerated civilian witnesses
  • Control security risks using Orion's Microsoft Azure Government Infrastructure


Used independently by law enforcement or integrated with case management systems, CourtNotify is a unifying solution for the courts, prosecutors, public defenders, and law enforcement personnel.







CNS on Ipad with Mobile

"Timely, accurate and shared information is critical to the operations of every criminal justice agency in New Orleans. Post-Katrina manpower shortages made labor saving efficiencies like CourtNotify, even more important."  


Dr. Heidi Unter, New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation

“The reports that we get from the CourtNotify system regarding the use of an officer's’ time at court are invaluable. It shows us which courts consume our resources and helps us more accurately predict our usage of overtime for the fiscal year. In the first full year of implementation, we saved approximately $2.2 million in court overtime.”  Lt. Gene Summers, Dallas Police Dept.

Save Time and Reduce Court Notification Cost

  • Add witnesses to cases and transmit notices to officers or civilian service deputies.
  • View officers’ schedules, conflicts and end-of-service dates in real-time 
  • Track time/date stamped notice issuance logs and receipt acknowledgements
  • View civilian service deliveries in sorted zip code order for optimal delivery routes
  • Flagged incarcerated witnesses are includes jailed locations.   


Configurable Settings Adapt to Your Terminology and Policies

  • Custom document formatting including images, seals, and electronic signatures
  • Configure court types, locations, hearing codes, acknowledgment types, and more
  • Enter civilian service delivery results using laptops, mobile devices or scanners
  • Track civilian categories, such as bail bondsman vs. citizens, alias names and delivery locations with bad addresses

Increase Officer Awareness About Court Events

Officers receive and acknowledge court notifications in real-time using their CourtNotify account or the mobile app for iOS or Android devices. Court events are synced with officers’ on-duty schedules and scheduling conflicts are flagged. Officer schedules can be managed within the system or imported from existing scheduling platforms. 

TRKR and Mobile

Improve Officer Attendance and Track Results



Save Time and Improve Communications Among Criminal Justice Practitioners.

When used with CourtNotify, officers receive their court notifications with logistical and defendant information in real-time. Once received, easy confirmation acknowledgments are saved and can be viewed by all CourtNotify users.  What's more, Mobile geofencing can be configured to track officer courthouse check ins/outs.


It's efficient, cost effective and easy to use.


Track Officer Court Attendance and Event Results

A companion to CourtNotify, AttendanceTRKR can be used on any type of web-based device to track personnel check-in and check-out times regardless of courthouse locations. Rules can be applied to ensure that  officers do not check into events too early or remain too long after their cases have concluded. It includes the ability to collect case information based upon the location and type of attendance being requested.  


With this solution, you can quantify the previously unquantifiable.

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