Providing Customer-Driven Public Safety Workforce Solutions Since 1998

For more than two decades, Orion Communications has served the public safety workforce by listening to our customers and designing software based on their needs. What began as a subpoena management solution has evolved into an entire workforce management suite for public safety personnel.

Today, we serve Federal, State and Local agencies nationwide with innovative technologies that adapt to each customer’s unique business rules, labor regulations, and compliance requirements.

Orion is a Certified Woman-Owned Business with WBENC, MBE, DBE, and HUB certifications.

Orion Workforce Software


The Orion Mission

Our mission has remained consistent throughout the years: to provide a best-in-class web and mobile portfolio that supports the professionals running public safety organizations and the employees who serve their communities through those organizations.


With our focus on helping public safety personnel to work more efficiently, our software goes beyond other vendors by including essential administrative, operational and analytical capabilities.


Our objective is to continually deliver forward-thinking solutions as part of our ongoing mission of ‘Serving Those Who Serve’.



Let's Take a Look Back at Our Future

It began with a cold call to the Dallas Police Department in June of 1998. That call turned into our first information technology deal, leading to a field Orion has specialized in ever since. Building workforce management software systems for massive public safety agencies might seem like a difficult task, but Orion's founder, Leslie DeLatte says she feels differently, “I totally fell in love with it."

More than 2 decades later, Orion isn’t making cold calls to agencies — agencies are calling her. As a certified women-owned business with CJIS certified IT professionals and retired public safety personnel, Dallas-based Orion has become a leader in public safety workforce management software. Ms. DeLatte attributes this success to a unique understanding of the way public agencies operate. “After that first contract, we saw that there was an opportunity to build solutions for public safety and judicial agencies because we could bridge the gap. The acronyms — the way they talk — their processes — we get that,” Leslie says.

That initial subpoena management solution has evolved over the years into an entire operational workforce management suite for Federal, State and Local public safety personnel. Today, the exponential escalation of analytics in workforce management has given first responders ‘intelligence on the go’ and system automation has profoundly improved their chances of being in the right place at the right time. Knowing this, Orion has made great strides in leveraging rules-based automation and operational analytics for better public safety workforce decision making.

“We are proud to have successfully completed many highly complex projects that includes process innovations, in addition to interfaces with other technologies,” explains Leslie. She gives the credit of Orion’s competitive edge to the expertise of its staff, many of whom are public safety veterans with the ability to place themselves in each customers’ shoes.  It’s this mixed talent pool of young professionals with dynamic technical skills combined with experienced public safety experts that give Orion's customers confidence in their expertise.

Administrative and Operational Software + Valuable Services = Long Term Customer Satisfaction

Orion LE Solutions Provider of the Year

It’s the best compliment when an agency chief says ... "Just call Orion, they always figure out how to solve our problems."

  • Supporting small, medium to large (5,000+ workforce) agencies
  • CJIS certified personnel, with no contracted labor
  • Orion's Azure Government infrastructure is FedRAMP-certified
  • Automation of complex administrative and operational workforce processes
  • API solutions for exporting, importing, and validating data exchanges
  • Consulting expertise for adapting manual processes to online efficiencies
  • Embedded workforce analytics for data-driven decision making

Enough About Us. We'd Like to Learn More About You!

Our public safety subject matter experts are eager to learn about any challenges you may be experiencing managing your workforce. Just select how you'd like to connect and tell us more.