Who We Serve

We understand that managing your workforce is complex and multifaceted. That’s why our mission is to provide solutions that keep your workforce safe, prepared and effective.

We know you need solutions for sworn and civilian employees, as well as volunteers and reserves. We welcome the fact that your polices are unique and you need software automation that uses your own rules. That's where we thrive.

We are Orion ... your public safety workforce software provider and problem solver.

Our Mission: To Serve Those Who Serve

What makes our software different is its range of operational and administrative capabilities combined with analytics that ‘tell your workforce story’. Many of us come from public safety and have been there. Our expertise in automating operational workforce processes and data exchanges sets up apart from other vendors. Whether your agency stands alone or is part of a county-wide group, we are here to support the incredibly complex jobs you do each and every day.

Public Safety Segments We Serve

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Roles We Serve

How Can We Serve You?

Our operational experts look forward to learning how you are managing your workforce and if there are any challenges you may be experiencing.  We're sure we can add value by offering a few best practices you may want to consider.  Just select how you'd like to connect and tell us more.