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Staffing public safety personnel 24/7/365 can be a time consuming balancing act that requires employee availability, adherence to policy rules, and essential operational equipment assignments. On-the-job stress factors combined with the fatigue of working extended shifts can put your agency and workforce at risk. You need the right number of personnel with the right skills in the right locations using the right equipment at the right time.

Public safety roles leave little room for error. Using manual, ad hoc processes augmented by spreadsheets or homegrown, disparate systems is inefficient. While traditional workforce management solutions may be fine for city hall, they certainly aren’t designed to support the complexities of your 24/7/365 schedules. With fatigue rules, minimum staffing, and mission critical equipment requirements, you need a reliable solution that delivers operational results.  You need Workforce Management PLUS Smart Scheduling.

CAD Room
  • Save time and cost with consistent automation of scheduling and payroll rules
  • Create rotational schedules that cross midnight, have payroll differentials, or include Kelly days
  • Set up work assignments with criteria automation that ensures qualified staffing
  • Enable personnel to move into temporary assignments with adaptive permission levels and pay rates
  • Automatically populate shift rosters and employee calendars in real time
  • Redeploy qualified personnel while quickly backfilling resulting vacancies
  • Coordinate on-duty schedules with court, training, time-off, overtime, and special duty events

Ensure Complex Scheduling Compliances Are Met

From fatigue rules to backfilling vacancies or bump-ups and downs, your distinctive scheduling rules are automated based on your policies. Configured work assignments ensure that only qualified personnel with the right operational equipment are on-duty. Scheduling dashboards with real-time staffing levels compared to required levels reveal vacancy gaps. This solution makes the complex appear simple.

Manage Scheduling Changes Easily and Effectively

Staffing managers quickly backfill vacancies, track late arrivals, authorize overtime, move employees into different assignments or organizations, and update operational equipment assignments directly from shift rosters. Personnel who swapped shifts are automatically displayed. Planned schedules combined with authorized changes auto-fill employee timesheets, making payroll processing quick, easy, and accurate.

Easy-to-Use Shift Rosters with Significant Operational Information

Highly intuitive, color-coded shift rosters and employee calendars include real-time viewing of employee on-duty schedules and those with approved time off, overtime, training, and court events. Rosters include operational equipment and key employee skills to support informed decision making. Visual alerts prompt staffing managers about unplanned vacancies. Staffing your shifts is tough enough; our job is to make it simple.

Automate Overtime Policies in Ways that Minimize Costs

Overtime is sometimes necessary to fill vacancies or optimize services for your community. This software lets you post overtime opportunities that employees can volunteer for or make overtime assignments directly from your shift rosters. Available, qualified candidates are presented in a sorted order that minimizes agency cost and eliminates conflicts. It’s quick, easy, and fair.

Need Additional Scheduling Capabilities? Check Out These Add-On Modules.

Shift Swapping


Court Notifications


Off-Duty and Special Events


Vacation Bidding


Schedule Bidding


Give your employees the freedom to swap shifts with other qualified personnel, knowing their trades always comply with your rules. Apply fatigue or overtime rules for automated scheduling oversight. The solution’s powerful rules engine ensures that employee swaps always follow your policies.


Employees receive their court notices with case and location details in real-time and can acknowledge receiving each notification. Additionally, court events are displayed on their calendars, shift rosters, and mobile devices. It’s a great way to save administration time and coordinate schedules.


Manage employer information, enter event opportunities and qualifications, assign personnel, and track job results from one centralized location. Employees view jobs in a monthly calendar or listed formats -- and sign up for one or more events with a simple click. Apply rules for unbiased assignments. It’s fair, simple, and easy.


Plan for peak vacation periods and enable your employees to choose their desired dates. Use agency rules to ensure that time off is fairly awarded. Vacation hours are automatically deducted from each employee’s leave accrual balance. Approved dates are added to their calendars and shift rosters. Now that’s efficiency.


Ensure fair scheduling of assignments based on your rules. Offer available schedules agency-wide or sort them by job types, organizations, or unionized personnel. Automate the approval process using your criteria or assign authorized personnel to process bids. All finalized schedules are automatically updated on employee calendars and shift rosters. It’s an amazing time-saver.


Track Court Attendance with Added Mobile Modules

Establish Geofence Perimeters with Orion’s Mobile Solution

Ensure that officers are in the correct locations by establishing geofences around courthouses. Define the appropriate perimeter so officer arrival and departure times are automatically captured and saved.

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