Payroll Managers

Automate Workforce Rules Your Payroll System Can’t Do

How do we know that you have extremely complex pay exception rules that traditional payroll systems can't manage? Because we've done it for them. Let us provide the calculations for pay exceptions, pay adjustments, and validate base pay requirements to your payroll system. Get ready to realize significant savings.


Time and Attendance

Increase awareness about employee activities and their associated job costs while ensuring payroll submission accuracy.


Interactive Analytics

Interact with your data to generate workforce analytics with dashboard visualizations that provide insight into payroll trends.



Interface with external platforms to send, receive, and validate complex and continuously changing data with other platforms.

Interface Workforce Management PLUS with Your Payroll System

Say goodbye to manual data entries and improve time and attendance accuracy by interfacing Workforce Management PLUS with your payroll system. With this solution, pay codes and classifications are aligned with your payroll system. It’s your solution—have it your way.

PP Changes

Increase Awareness of Employee Activities and Job Costs

Gain better insight into the “where, what, and for whom” of the actual time worked. You'll have better visibility about grants or funding usage, scheduling policies, and the cost of absenteeism.

Control Leave Accrual Balances with Absence Conflict Checking

Prevent requesting more time off than earned with automated accrual management that is based on your rules. View leave accrual balances—including approved shift trades and awarded vacation days—in real time. It’s automated oversight you can count on.

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