Payroll Managers

Got Workforce Rules Your Payroll System Can’t Handle? We've Got You Covered.

How do we know that you have extremely complex pay exception rules that traditional payroll systems can't manage? Because we've done it for them. Let us automate your pay exception calculations and validate the base pay requirements sent to your payroll system. Then get ready to realize significant savings.


Time and Attendance

Ensure the most complex of payroll policy compliances -- from fatigue rules, to pay exceptions for court, call backs or shift differentials.


Interactive Analytics

Interact with your data to generate workforce analytics with dashboard visualizations that provide deeper insight into payroll trends.

Labor Tracking and  Job Costing

Job Cost and Labor Tracking

Gain data-driven visibility about grants, funding usage, scheduling policies, and absenteeism to better understand your cost-of-services.

Let Our Highly Configurable Rules Engine Do the Heavy Lifting.

90% of Orion customers have collective bargaining agreements and other complex payroll rules. With our unique configuration platform, we are able to translate the most complex rules into automated processes that ensure payroll policy compliance. Be it rules for one department, sworn versus civilian personnel or the entire agency -- transforming payroll rules into an efficiently automated experience is one of Orion's many core competencies.

PP Changes

Increase Awareness of Employee Activities and the Costs.

Since your employees often work different jobs for different groups within your agency and for external employers, you need a way of tracking their hours worked. With the solution's activity tracking capabilities, you’ll gain data-driven insights into the ‘where, what and for whom’ of the actual time worked. It's a great way of analyzing how grants and budgeted funds are being used and your actual cost-of-services.

Adapt Pay Rates Automatically for Personnel Back Filling Out-of-Class Ranks

Orion takes adaptive role-based access to the next  level by include including adaptive pay rates. As personnel are moved into temporary assignments, reassigned pay rates can be adapted for the hours worked while in that assignment. It’s efficient, fair, and most important -- accurate.

We Look Forward to Learning More About You.

Got a Particular Challenge Managing Your Time and Attendance for Payroll?

Our solutions experts are eager to learn more about your unique needs and offer best practices examples. Just reach out and tell us more. We are here to serve!