Orion Cloud-Based Software Serves the Correctional Workforce

Prison overcrowding, difficulties controlling the pandemic spread and retention of qualified correctional officers have taken a toll on the correctional workforce. Workforce safety and resource oversight are key concerns. Through the use of Orion's workforce management software, mobile app and data-driven analytics fire and rescue agencies are better able to manage costs, improve operations and enhance regulatory compliance.

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Correctional Workforce Challenges

  • Planning for staffing levels based on fluctuating bed count populations
  • Ensuring workforce training requirements achieved and reported
  • Backfilling unplanned vacancies with qualified personnel
  • Preventing spread of COVID virus and adhering to PPE policies
  • Providing proper medical support to prevent the spread of COVID
  • Tracking COVID related cost for reimbursement justifications
  • Managing safe transport of the incarcerated to court and other facilities

How Does Orion Serve Corrections?

Orion is 100% dedicated to the professionals running public safety organizations. Our software simplifies extremely complex staffing, time and attendance, equipment and training requirements.

It’s ‘What’s Under the Hood’ that sets us apart. Our software is highly configurable, integrates easily with other technology platforms, and is securely hosted within Orion's Azure Microsoft Government infrastructure.


  • Rules-based automation of highly complex workforce policies with adaptable role capabilities
  • Interface exchanges of continuously changing data with disparate systems for increased efficiencies
  • Embedded workforce analytics that provide administrative and operational insights for data-driven decision making

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Which Orion Software Toolbelt is right for you?

Orion's cloud-based software is offered as 'tool belts', packed with administrative and operation tools designed for corrections.  Take this quick 30 second assessment and learn instantly which toolbelt will be your best problem solver.

How Can We Serve You?

Are there any challenges you'd like to discuss? Our public safety experts would enjoy learning about them and offering a few best practices. Just let us know how you'd like to connect!