Jails and Prisons

Providing Centralized Solutions for Correctional Officer Management

Corrections facilities include prisons and jails. Prisons are state or federal housing facilities that confine convicted felons typically sentenced one year or more.  They may or may not be multi-facility campuses. Jails, on the other hands, are administered by local police or sheriff's departments.  Their convicted inmates and those awaiting trial typically have shorter sentences — usually for 1 year or less.

Undoubtedly, the profession by its very nature, presents challenges to its workforce physically and mentally. Insufficient staffing, limited budgets, and inmate overcrowding have taken a heavy toll on the correctional workforce. Despite these concerns, administrators must run secure facilities that keep the incarcerated and their workforce safe. 

What can correctional leaders do to support their officers and staff?

ANSWER: Utilize SaaS Software Solutions for Efficient Officers Management and Community Supervision


Through the use of our integrated SaaS software solutions and mobile apps, correctional facilities are better able to control workforce costs, enhance operations and achieve compliance requirements. What's more, our community supervision software enables pre-trial, probation and parole officers to share data with justice partners and create operational efficiencies that save time, reduce recidivism, and strengthen public safety.


  • Automate efficient correctional workforce scheduling, equipment assignments and training processes
  • Provide self-services for reassignments, personnel's requests and more
  • Automate community supervision management using exception-based workflows 
  • Enable  remote check-ins for offenders for improved communications with probation and parole officers
  • Empower mobile communications between attorneys, clients and social service referrals
  • Control security roles and capabilities based on your requirements


Effectively managing today's correctional facilities requires technology solutions interfaces with jail management systems and supports the needs of their interrelated justice partners -- the courts, attorneys, medical services. No matter what the jurisdiction size, all partners have one mission ... to protect society resulting in safer communities.

Security Officer

Correctional Workforce Challenges

  • Budgetary constraints that lead to staff shortages, training and reduced programming for inmates.
  • Overcrowding resulting in challenges to maintain order and safety
  • Planning for staffing levels based on fluctuating bed count populations
  • Providing officer training protocols for oversight, safety, and accountability
  • Ensuring workforce training requirements achieved and reported
  • Backfilling unplanned vacancies with qualified personnel
  • Providing proper physical and mental medical support for inmates
  • Managing safe transport of the incarcerated to court and other facilities

How Does Orion Serve Corrections?

Orion is 100% dedicated to the professionals running public safety organizations. Our software simplifies extremely complex staffing, time and attendance, personnel, equipment and training requirements based on each Division's needs.

It’s ‘What’s Under the Hood’ that sets us apart.


Our SaaS software is highly configurable, integrates easily with other technology platforms, and is securely hosted within Orion's Azure Microsoft Government infrastructure.


  • Rules-based automation of highly complex workforce policies with adaptable role capabilities
  • Interface exchanges of continuously changing data with disparate systems for increased efficiencies
  • Embedded workforce analytics that provide administrative and operational insights for data-driven decision making

How Can We Serve You?

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