Serving the Correctional Workforce

The correctional workforce is an essential component of the U.S. criminal justice system, responsible for managing incarcerated offenders as well as defendants and those released on probation and parole. It is a complex institution with correctional staff who must protect the public from convicted and sometimes dangerous individuals, while also monitoring those awaiting trial and preparing others for community reentry as law-abiding citizens.

Correctional administrators face numerous challenges each day. Multiple facility campuses that house thousands of inmates require a variety of personnel. Difficulties recruiting and retaining qualified correctional officers affects staffing levels. Despite these staffing concerns and tight budgets, administrators must find ways to run secure facilities that keep the incarcerated and the workforce safe.

Added to this, COVID-19 is presenting unique challenges.  From controlling the virus’s spread in confined spaces to applying PPE policies for staff members, managing the correctional workforce has become increasingly more complex. Centralizing the administrative and operational aspects of managing this workforce will be essential. Using data-driven analytics to provide actionable insights will be critical – no matter if the data revolves around costs, schedules, training, or equipment. 


Knowing where budget dollars are going and where they have been will be key. Knowing how to pre-plan for COVID vacancies and estimate future staffing levels will be indispensable.  Knowing who has and has not received required training will be vital.  This is life in the new normal.

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Today's Correctional Workforce Challenges

  • Preventing spread of COVID virus within confined spaces
  • Adhering to COVID PPE policies and disinfection policies for equipment
  • Back-filling COVID or unplanned vacancies with qualified, trained personnel
  • Providing proper medical support to prevent the spread of COVID
  • Tracking COVID related cost for reimbursement justifications
  • Planning for staffing levels based on fluctuating bed count populations
  • Ensuring personnel training requirements achieved and reported

How Does Orion Serve Corrections?

Orion’s mission to serve those who serve is at the heart of our operational workforce management technology. Correctional administrators have difficult tasks balancing complicated scheduling, timekeeping, training and operational equipment processes. By enabling customer configurations to automate these complexities and including workforce analytical tools directly in the solution, Orion is supporting the greater effort to serve communities from coast to coast.

Simplify Internal Job Hiring Administration

Recruiting is a continuous responsibility, whether you’re working to fill vacancies, staff a new position, or plan for succession management. When policies prefer that you conduct internal recruitment first, we’ve got the right tools. With internal job hiring, your workforce can view and apply for internal job opportunities. 

Compliment Your Software with Ongoing Services from Public Safety Workforce Experts

If you’re not sure how to best utilize your Orion software or need general assistance, our team is here to help! We offer a variety of ongoing services to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Orion solution.

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