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Unify Training Course Management with Employee Schedules

Let's face it: managing training for public safety personnel is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each agency has its own skill sets and certification requirements. Some are necessary to operate equipment or assigned weapons, and others are used to track internal versus external course results. With employees’ on-duty and PTO schedules managed in disparate systems, coordinating training events is time consuming. You need a centralized way to manage required courses, coordinate training schedules, and track employee results.  You need Workforce Management PLUS Training Management.

Set Up Courses and Schedule Classes from One Central Location

Training administrators can set up curriculum-based courses offered by your agency or mandated by federal, state, and local training programs. Traditional classroom settings or academy locations for shooting ranges or fitness centers can be specified. Operational courses, such as those for weapons, use-of-force, equipment, or apparatus management, can be associated with assignments to ensure qualified staffing. With this solution, you are in control.

Training Courses

Send Course Notifications and Track Results

Employees receive online course notifications that are coordinated with their schedules. Once acknowledged, confirmed training events are displayed on their calendars and shift rosters. Training administrators can track attendance and log results in real time. It’s a perfect solution that’s coordinated with employees’ schedules.


Ensure Employee Certifications are Current

System automation helps you increase certification management efficiencies. Employee certification dates are tracked with the ability to pre-define dates for renewal alerting. Since all certification data is saved, results can be transmitted electronically to governmental organizations when needed. This solution does the heavy lifting for you.

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