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Time and Attendance

Ensure Payroll Compliance Using Automation Based on Your Rules

While the workforce is your most valuable asset, managing complex payroll compliance policies can be incredibly labor intensive. Administering different rules for sworn personnel versus civilians or tracking compensation and accrual increases is no easy task. Relying on paper time cards and spreadsheets to track employee time and attendance is time consuming and prone to errors. Manual oversight may result in unnecessary compliance risks and ultimately cause your agency to exceed its budget. You need a solution you can trust to automatically apply your payroll rules. You need Workforce Management PLUS Time and Attendance.


Simplify Timekeeping and Ensure Accuracy

From shifts crossing midnight to shift differentials, holidays worked, and much more, you can accurately capture hours worked and automate payroll processes based on your own policy rules. Personnel use auto-filled time sheets to view their hours worked, which include authorized scheduling changes. Supervisory oversight workflows confirm accuracy. Once pay periods are locked, time and attendance data is automatically transmitted to your payroll system or printed for data entry. It’s your system—automate your rules your way.

Enforce Consistent Payroll Policies and Reduce Costly Errors

Control your core business rules by setting up your own payroll exceptions, payroll adjustments, and basic pay information. Use the solution’s interactive screens to ensure that rules are 100% consistent. Common payroll rules include Certification Pay, Holiday Premium, Shift Differential, On-Call, Stipends, Out-of-Class Pay, FTO, Overtime, Premium Pay, or Special Skills.  With this solution, you'll spend less time monitoring compliance knowing that your rules are being automatically applied.

Enforce Pay Exceptions Consistently and Reduce Costly Errors

Payroll personnel have hands-on control of your rules. Using an interactive payroll screen, they can ensure 100% compliance with your requirements. This solution puts your team in control.


Accurately calculate work hours and automatically apply pay exception rules to ensure union, payroll, and scheduling compliances, such as:

PP Changes
  • Certification pay
  • Holiday premiums
  • Shift differentials
  • On-call pay
  • Stipends
  • Out-of-class pay
  • Flexible time off
  • Overtime
  • Premium pay
  • Special skills
  • Comp time
  • Education incentive pay
  • Allowances for uniforms or parking

Gain Insight into Employee Activities and Job Costs

Increase your awareness about the ‘where, what and for whom’ of actual time worked. Track assignment activities against internal cost centers, grant funds, or external employers to determine costs associated with routine services and special duty events. With this solution, you run your agency like a business.

Ensure Time-Off Policy Compliance

All leave policies are automated for reliable time-off management. Employees can view pending and scheduled PTO dates using their Workforce Management PLUS account or mobile app. Supervisors can respond to requests individually or in bulk.  It's easy, convenient, and insightful.


Automate Differing Leave Accruals with Confidence

Automate earned comp time and leave accrual calculations in real time based on your rules. Set up accruals however you’d like—by pay periods, weekly, monthly, or annually. Apply rates to job classes that include class, grades, and steps; time of employment; or sworn, civilian, or union associations. It’s your solution that automates accruals your way.

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