Human Resources Managers

Supplement the Capabilities of Your HR System-of-Record

We know that you're at the heart of your agency and interact with all personnel at some point in their tenure -- be they employees, volunteers or even retirees.   Being able to manage your agency's personnel information from one centralized location is truly valuable.  Especially when required to use other jurisdictional platforms that don't necessary support all your agency's unique needs.

Wouldn't it be nice to eliminate redundant data entries in these and other silo systems?  What about aligning your system-of-record's codes and classifications for easy data transfers.  And how about using this info to automate operational activities -- like scheduling, training and more. You'd save time, improve data accuracy, and contribute to operational efficiencies agency-wide. Enter Orion.


Employee Records

Conveniently track your operational, training, HR, and payroll data throughout each employees’ career from one centralized location.


Interactive Analytics

Use your employee or HR data to generate analytics with dashboard visualizations that provide insight into workforce trends.


3rd Party Data Exchanges

Send and receive workforce data with other technology platforms, like Payroll, HRIS, Internal Affairs, Benefits and Recruitment systems.

Centralize Your Workforce Information

From sworn and civilian employees to volunteers and reserves, you’ve got a diverse range of personnel to manage with differing requirements. By centralizing their employment, HR, and operational information, you can conveniently access the information you need, when you need it. Schedules, pay history, contacts, and more are all at your fingertips.



Personnel Base Record

Keep your finger on the administrative and operational pulse of workforce. Now, when sworn personnel are quickly reassigned to work at different locations, you'll have tracking tools that keep record keeping straight.  What about equipment assignments?  No problem.  Just view those under their Operations menu.  Got forms you want to put online.  We'll adapt them and provide the workflows you need.  It's your solution.  Have it your way.



Job Posting Opportunity

Simplify Internal Job Hiring

  • View and apply for internal job opportunities
  • Review candidates and collaborate with other managers
  • Extend job offers using online workflows
  • Automate final decision communications to all candidates
  • Save hiring history for auditing purposes

We Look Forward to Learning More About You.

Got a particular challenge managing the administrative requirements of your workforce? Our solutions experts are eager to learn more about your unique needs.  Just reach out and tell us how you'd like to connect. We are here to serve!