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Software for Exchanging Continuously Changing Data

Sharing data with other public safety technologies is essential to each agency's mission. It allows for more effective responses, anticipatory prevention, and organizational productivity. Whether sharing workforce data with administrative or operational technologies, reliability is crucial.


If you don’t have a reliable method of exchange, critical response times can be compromised, workload redundancies increased, and organizational inefficiencies can spiral budgets out of control. You need a safe way to exchange data with other systems as a standard practice. And you need experienced experts that know how to get it done.  You need Orion.

Administrative Interfaces

Operational Interfaces

Send, Receive, and Validate Workforce Data Exchanges

Orion's Interface Agent architecture is designed to standardize workforce data exchanges between diverse technology platforms. Shared data is independent of the exchange method elected by the agency or external platforms. Data transport can take the form of RESTful APIs, file exchanges through file drops, direct database connections, or web services without changing the fundamental methods used within the platform. 


What's more, Orion standard APIs are designed to sustain an agency’s existing reporting solution. Effectively – what is in the Orion’s Workforce Management PLUS system can be consumed into an external system for agency usage. 


With Orion, it all about providing flexibility with an external system’s network location, security restrictions, and application performance requirements.

Example of CAD Sourced Incident Details

CAD Sourced Data


Use Data Sourced from Other Systems for Analytics

Exchanging data with other technologies has several advantages. You’ll save time, eliminate data entry redundancies errors and increase efficiencies. You’ll also be able to use data received from 3rd party systems to source your operational or administrative analytics.


With data received from CAD or RMS for example, you’ll be able to analyze response times, incident results and cost-of-services. And with data received from ERP or HR, you’ll be able to analyze recruitment and employee hiring trends.  



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Simplify Internal Job Hiring Administration

Recruiting is a continuous responsibility, whether you’re working to fill vacancies, staff a new position, or plan for succession management. When policies prefer that you conduct internal recruitment first, we’ve got the right tools. With internal job hiring, your workforce can view and apply for internal job opportunities. 

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