Fire and Rescue

Serving the Fire and Rescue Workforce

Firefighters and Rescue personnel are a vital part of public safety. As a profession that was once primarily comprised of volunteers, it has evolved to one of well-trained career professionals. In addition to fighting fires, they provide emergency medical services, rescue people from a variety of dangerous situations, and assist with fire prevention programs. Firefighters also face serious risks on the job such as heat exhaustion, burns, physical and mental stress.

Declining volunteers and budget insufficiencies also challenge this workforce.  As a result, workforce safety and administrative oversight are key concerns. Though use of workforce management software, mobile technology and data-driven analytics agencies will be better able to effectively manage costs, enhance workforce operations and improve employee communications.  With these types of tools, the fire and rescue workforce can work smarter and operate more safely.


Fire and Rescue Workforce Challenges

  • Retention and recruitment of qualified firefighters
  • Back-filling vacancies with qualified personnel
  • Declining volunteers that result in staffing shortages
  • Staffing 48/96 hour shifts while adhering to fatigue policies
  • Managing overtime due to staffing shortages
  • Ensuring training and licensing renewals are achieved and reported
  • Ensuring firefighter safety and providing rugged safety devices

How Does Orion Serve Fire and Rescue?

Many of us come from public safety and know firsthand the challenges you face daily. We are 100% dedicated to the professionals running organizations like yours and our software is designed specifically to solve your unique challenges.

Our solutions go beyond other providers by improving the operational capabilities of your workforce while supporting your administrative requirements. Our expertise in process automation based on your rules and data exchanges with other systems enables your personnel to work smarter and operate safer.


  • Leaders use analytical tools that reveal operational trends … including cost-of-services.
  • Managers save time with decision making automation using your rules.
  • Employees stay connected with mobile capabilities for notifications and self-service workflows.

Some of Our Fire and Rescue Customers

Services from Your Long Term Partner

As your long-term partner, we know that deploying your solution is just the beginning. We will continue to add value by providing forward thinking best practices that are tough problem solvers. From how to use operational analytics for smart decision making to offering methods for controlling costs and ensuring compliance, our job is to continuously add value to your investment.

How Can We Serve You?

Are there any challenges you'd like to discuss? Our public safety experts would enjoy learning about them and offering a few best practices. Just let us know how you'd like to connect!