Fire and Rescue Departments

Providing Centralized Workforce Solutions for Operational Readiness

The  challenges and high-stress nature of firefighting are as dynamic as the profession itself. Managing issues such as budget constraints, aging infrastructure and staffing shortages require continuous attention and action. Adding unpredictable obstacles like the COVID pandemic and impact of climate change have compounded these challenges and taken a heavy toll its members.

Expanded roles in non-fire events, such as medical emergencies, natural disasters, and hazardous material responses, have significantly increased each member's workload and skill set requirements. Many stations in need of  upgrades are unable to respond effectively.  The reality is that these issues won't be resolved soon. But it does point to an urgent need to work as efficiently and safely as possible.

What can chiefs do to keep their stations and platoons running smoothly?

ANSWER:  Utilized Operational Workforce Management Software – Orion's Sweet Spot.


Through the use of our SaaS software and mobile app, Fire Departments nationwide are better able to control costs, enhance operations and achieve compliance requirements -- especially during today's staffing limitations.

  • Automate efficient scheduling, equipment assignments and training 
  • Cross-staff members and apparatuses to maximize coverage
  • Provide self-services for reassignments, member's requests and more
  • Control security roles and capabilities based on your requirements
  • Manage costs and mitigate complex compliance risk

    With expanded role expectations and limited resources, effectively managing the fire and rescue members requires the ability to provide flexible scheduling of qualified personnel that have the right equipment and are paid the right amounts to meet their challenging demands day in and day out.

Fire and Rescue Workforce Challenges

  • Retention and recruitment of qualified career firefighters
  • Declining volunteers due to increased job and training requirements
  • Budget constraints leading to staffing reductions, outdated equipment, and inadequate training
  • Sufficient apparatus and manpower to support NFPA standards
  • Controlling overtime, fatigue and equipment assignments resulting from staffing shortages
  • Ensuring member's training / licensing requirements achieved and reported
  • Rising call volumes and skills needed for non-fire emergencies
  • Aging infrastructure that affects ability to respond effectively and safely
  • Recognizing and ensuring member's safety, wellness, and health
  • Diversity of workforce members and fire service cultural inclusion

How Does Orion Serve Fire and Rescue?

Orion is 100% dedicated to the professionals running public safety organizations. Our software simplifies extremely complex staffing, time and attendance, personnel, equipment and training requirements based on each Fire Company and Unit's needs.

It’s ‘What’s Under the Hood’ That Sets Orion Apart.


Our SaaS software is highly configurable, integrates easily with other technology platforms, and is securely hosted within Orion's Azure Microsoft Government infrastructure.


  • Rules-based automation of highly complex workforce policies with adaptable role capabilities
  • Interface exchanges of continuously changing data with disparate systems for increased efficiencies
  • Embedded workforce analytics that provide administrative and operational insights for data-driven decision making

Some of Our Fire and Rescue Customers

Services from Your Long Term Partner

As your long-term partner, we know that deploying your solution is just the beginning. We will continue to add value by providing forward thinking best practices that are tough problem solvers. From how to use operational analytics for smart decision making to offering methods for controlling costs and ensuring compliance, our job is to continuously add value to your investment.

How Can We Serve You?

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