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Employee/Manager Self-Services

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AgencyWeb_IWM Employee Self Services

Reduce Costs with Workflows Based on Agency Rules 

Employee and Manager Self-Service Workflows increases efficiencies by automating employee requests to managers in real-time. Kept simple and made smart, workflow automation is based on agency policies and rules. As a result, management can respond to requests knowing that checks are in place that ensures compliance and flags conflicts.

Self-Service Workflows

Leave Requests Overtime Requests Overtime Signup
Online Timesheets Extra-Duty Signup Shift Swaps
Vacation Bidding Shift Bidding HR Change Requests

Save Time and Increase Efficiencies

By providing employees access to AgencyWeb® IWM’s on-line self-service applications, administrative workloads are reduced and time-consuming manual processes are eliminated. Employees view details about their requests in real-time, as well as call-to-action notifications that help to coordinate daily activities. General announcements sent to all employees or special groups continue to bridge communications with management.

Empower Management Teams

Supervisors receive alerts via email or on mobile devices informing them about employee requests. At-a-glance views enable quick response to subordinate requests -- or when covering for other supervisors. Conflicts, such as previously scheduled events, unavailable leave accruals or unauthorized overtime funding, are flagged. Once responses are saved, they are automatically displayed in several locations throughout the system in real-time.

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