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With situational awareness at an all-time high, mobile devices such as in-vehicle solutions, wearables, and incident mapping are connecting law enforcement, firefighters, and EMS technicians with the essential information they need to perform their jobs in the field. While these types of mobile solutions are critical, mobile access to schedules and daily information has become just as important.

How much time did my staff spend in court last quarter?" ...  “What overtime opportunities can I sign up for next week?” ... "Let me respond to some of these time off requests right now." Whether it’s tracking attendance or simply responding to employee's requests, your workforce needs to stay connected. You need Orion’s Mobile Solutions.

Orion MobileTRKR ... Tracking Public Safety Event Attendance

Track your employees’ attendance times and results for public safety events, including court attendances, firearm or firefighter training, on-call rapid-response arrivals and departures, and more. Apply rules and geographical location data to ensure personnel check in and out of the right events at the right times. This solution can eliminate the cost of expensive time clock technology.

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Orion Mobile ... Keeping Your Workforce Connected

Give your workforce the convenience of mobile access to capabilities within their Workforce Management PLUS or CourtNotify accounts. Available for Android and IOS devices, this app enables your workforce to quickly complete scheduling and administrative tasks on the go. It’s ideal for personnel in the field.

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Fast Mobile Data Returns with Reduced Security Risks

Each mobile solution uses Microsoft Azure Government services, but does not house any personnel data in the cloud. Service bus technology is leveraged for data flow without storage. This improves user speed of data return and removes security risks of storage outside the confines of the agency’s premise.

Agency Controlled Usage Authorization

The Orion Mobile apps can be downloaded through iTunes and Google Play Station. Usage authorization is controlled by authorized agency personnel. This allows administrators to add, remove and/or returned personnel to mobile usage throughout their career.

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