Customer Snapshot

  • 1,150 total personnel
  • 2 Bureaus with multiple Division, Sections and Units

Products Implemented

  • Workforce Mgmt. PLUS
  • Companion Mobile App
  • Companion CourtNotify
  • Interface Agent with Pulsium CAD and the Municipal Court

Solution Results

  • Accurate employee pay exceptions for payroll
  • Time saved with reduction in supervisor administrative oversight
  • Increased workforce efficiencies using employee centric self-services
  • Ensured staffing compliance due to accurate minimum staffing automation

colorado-springsColorado Springs Police Department

Workforce Mgmt. PLUS and CourtNotify Success Story



In 2018 the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) needed to replace their use of excel spreadsheets with a 24/7 dynamic scheduling solution. Their objective was to improve efficiencies and reduce cost by automating workforce policy rules across multiple Divisions -- with each having different needs. Their goal was to eliminate paper processes and centralize workforce practices. They required advanced scheduling, subpoena processing for their Municipal Court and the ability interface with the city’s PeopleSoft system and the agency’s CAD system.


Using the Workforce Management PLUS solution, CSPD has consolidated the management of Time and Attendance into an automated process. As officers update their schedules in PLUS, time and attendance data automatically populates online timesheets. This allows CSPD officers to review their information rather than enter it and attempt to recall what they did during the payroll period. The PLUS interface to the agency’s CAD system has completely removed manual entries prior to shift changes in order to maintain CAD’s knowledge of who is assigned by call number, District coverage, and shift start/end times.

Over the years, CSPD has moved to additional self-service automation within the PLUS solution. Recently, Orion implemented self-service overtime assignment for officers to support staffing level requirements. Off- Duty is now 100% self-service, allowing first-come first-serve assignments. Officers are also now allowed to cancel unused approved leave time as needed. The Department has moved towards these self-service activities to reduce supervisory workloads and support the agency’s staffing levels.

In addition, PLUS has enabled the agency to update minimum staffing requirement by date ranges, class groups, and various work periods to consolidate into their three Distinct shifts and to support the elimination (no count) of certain overtime types. When depending on self-service opportunities, PLUS has proved valuable in providing personnel with clarification about issues that answer questions about why they did not qualify or be allowed to work opportunities due to CSPD fatigue rules or other agency policies.