Customer Snapshot

  • Loudoun County, VA Sheriff’s Office and Fire and Rescue Dept.
  • 3,300 total system users

Solution Snapshot

  • Workforce Mgmt. PLUS
  • Interactive Analytics
  • Interface Agent

Business Results

  • Real-time data transmission to CAD of personnel roll call and equipment assignments for career and volunteer personnel
  • Automation of extremely complex payroll calculation rules
  • Proactive staffing level forecasting that supports backfill planning

Loudoun logoLoudoun County, VA Public Safety

Operational Workforce Management Success Story



In 2015, Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) and Fire & Rescue Dept. (LCFD) faced a variety of issues in managing their 2,000+ career and volunteer personnel. Both agencies used a paper-based time management system, where clerks manually typed data into spreadsheets. As they prepared to implement the PeopleSoft automated payroll system, they discovered there was no way to integrate that system with their existing scheduling system. In addition, their scheduling platform could not integrate with the County’s new CAD system or their RMS, JMS, and an Internal Affairs system. Both agencies needed a centralized solution that could bring together their disparate platforms.

What Loudoun County Public Safety needed was a solution that could:

  • Transmit roll call data to the county CAD system for more informed dispatching.
  • Connect multiple types of disparate systems.
  • Automate scheduling, time off and overtime based on their rules.
  • Calculate extremely complex payroll requirements for different types of personnel.
  • Provide visibility into scheduling vacancies and overtime cost across all divisions.



Workforce Management PLUS

Since 2016, both agencies have been using Workforce Management PLUS to automate scheduling and extremely complex pay exception rule calculations instead of PeopleSoft. This has saved the county extensive funding and has eliminated the annual maintenance cost of the former scheduling system. Complex 28-day overtime hour calculations have been automated and holiday pay based on agency scheduling rules generated. FLSA pay periods, pay equalization and automated payments for special overtime are now being automatically calculated.

Interface Agent

Orion’s Interface Agent software is being used to exchange data with previously separate systems. For example, accurate personnel data is being sent to the agency’s internal affairs system, where internal investigations can be securely managed. All equipment previously managed using multiple spreadsheets are now managed in the Orion platform. This is enabling automatic transmission of first responder information and equipment directly to the agency’s CAD system.

Interactive Analytics

With Orion's Interactive Analytics as part of the solution, agency leaders are using a 10 day rolling schedule to anticipate staffing backfill levels as a result of COVID-19. In terms of funding, it has helped to generate real time documentation for COVID cost reimbursements.