Orion Press Release

AgencyWeb® CourtNotify: Uniting Collin & Dallas County, TX

Jan 1, 2008 2:06:00 PM

Dallas, TX (January, 2008) – Orion Communications, a provider of Public Safety software, has been contracted by Collin County, Texas to deploy its patent pending CourtNotify Subpoena Manager system and AgencyWeb™ – Orion’s comprehensive law enforcement personnel management solution. CourtNotify will be used to electronically

distribute and track interagency court subpoenas for the County’s District Attorney and local law enforcement agencies. AgencyWeb will be used to provide the County Sheriff’s Office with specific shift detail assignments and personnel tracking services.

Collin County’s neighbor, Dallas County, has been using CourtNotify since 2003. “Orion’s CourtNotify was one of our most successful application implementations. It demonstrated interagency cooperation and has improved communications between Dallas Law Enforcement Agencies, District Attorney Offices and the Court systems.” states Dallas Police Department’s Lt. Gene P. Summers.” With Collin County scheduled for CourtNotify integration with Dallas County by mid-year, District Attorneys will be able to share subpoena notifications across multiple counties for the first-time.

“We are excited that Orion Communications has been selected to provide Collin County with CourtNotify and other law enforcement software from our integrated AgencyWeb suite.” states Leslie F. DeLatte, Orion President. “Dallas Police Department, in cooperation with Dallas County, has realized significant savings and improved court efficiencies over the past few years using Orion’s CourtNotify solution. Now, thanks to the support of Judge John R. Roach, our goal is to help Collin County realize these same benefits across multiple jurisdictions.”

As part of this deployment, Collin County Sheriff’s Office is also installing Orion’s AgencyWeb personnel, applicant, training, and asset management solutions. These integrated software will enhance the capabilities of the county’s current HR system. By AgencyWeb synchronizing data in real-time with their existing HR system, the Collin Sheriff’s Office will be able to augment their existing infrastructure in order to automate and improvement management of many essential daily agency processes.