Orion Press Release

City of Ft. Worth, Texas Adds AgencyWeb® Workforce Management System to Its CAD and Mobile Data Systems

Apr 9, 2008 2:10:00 PM

Dallas, TX (April 09, 2008) – Orion Communications, a provider of Public Safety software, has been contracted by the City of Fort Worth to expand the performance capabilities of the City’s new TriTech VisiCAD™ and mobile data systems using Orion’s AgencyWeb® Public Safety Solution.

While the City’s new systems currently provide superior technology with feature rich multi-jurisdictional capabilities, city staff members recognized that CAD add-on software was needed to increase the functionality required by the Fort Worth Police Department. As a result, Orion’s AgencyWeb solution was selected to manage the City’s auto pound, security alarm permits, and field accident reporting for the PD’s Traffic Division.


The AgencyWeb® suite includes browser-based, integrated plug-and-play modules that are used by government agencies to automate daily processes and manage agency data in real-time. As an added benefit, AgencyWeb® serves as a focal point for data sharing across different technology platforms. With AgencyWeb® data being synchronized in real-time with City’s new CAD system, the Fort Worth Police Department will soon be able to leverage the data stored in their new system to enhance agency processes while adding functional capabilities.


“We’ve found that public safety agencies today typically require different technologies to manage a multitude of informational agency needs,” states Orion President Leslie DeLatte. “The volume of data flow is complex, dynamic and moving continuously in real-time. AgencyWeb® offers a unique browser-based solution in that it is intrinsically flexible and maximizes existing agency infrastructures.”


For example, AgencyWeb®'s Dispatch-Tow and Impound Manager solutions will automate management of the City’s tow dispatch process and subsequent impound processing. Orion’s Impound Manager includes full vehicle tracking from the towing process, through impound, storage fees, auctions, and releases.


By interfacing with the City’s VisiCAD system, AgencyWeb® will also enable officers to send electronic tow release reports directly from their MDT’s. Additional investigative tools will be provided to the Police Department for vehicles involved in criminal investigations.


And the AgencyWeb® Alarm Permit Manager solution will automate online management of security alarm permit issuance, collections and monitoring. Once again, direct interface with the City’s new VisiCAD system will enable automatic false alarm billing and critical business reporting. Bottom line – enforcement of the City’s ordinances, reduced false alarms and increased revenue collections.

Deployment of the City’s AgencyWeb® add-on software began in March, 2008 and is scheduled for completion by Q3.