Orion Press Release

Orion Releases AgencyWeb® Administrator Workforce Management Solution for Public Safety Agencies

Sep 24, 2008 2:37:00 PM

Dallas, TX (September 24, 2008) – Orion Communications, a provider of integrated public safety software, today announced the release of AgencyWeb® Administrator, the company’s new online workforce automation software. With Administrator, agencies can automate management of agency personnel processes, track employee activities, and provide access to information necessary for senior management oversight and reporting.


Because AgencyWeb® Administrator is designed as a centralized solution, it is one system with many applications – such as electronic shift scheduling that includes shift assignment bidding, personnel record management, work flow management, resource activity tracking, payroll, attendance tracking, event notification, work assignments, resource allocation, applicant processing, off-duty, leave and overtime management.


As an added benefit, Administrator serves as the focal point for coordinating large volumes of information and decision management within a continuously changing environment. Common interfaces include RMS, CAD, Reverse911, Timecard and HR systems, internal agency systems and court case platforms.


“We understand that Public Safety Agencies are no longer satisfied with partial resource management solutions that are part of the old status quo … with personnel systems doing just enough to make certain systems function,” states Orion President Leslie DeLatte.

“Orion recognizes and embraces the fact that isolated systems are part of past technology limitations and shared data is a common practice. The success of programs such as CALEA, demonstrates that embracing workflow synergies are necessary in order to keep pace with the ever increasing demand on the resources and attributes of our public safety organizations.


Administrator is unique in that it not only provides comprehensive core workforce automation, but also submits and gathers data with external systems as a standard practice. And as a centralized solution that proves coordinated oversight for all personnel levels, we believe that agencies using Administrator will be more able to confidently focus on the business of public safety.”


AgencyWeb® Administrator is part of Orion’s Resource Suite, which also includes Training and Asset modules. Orion’s new Administrator solution supports maintenance upgrades for currently deployed Personnel Manager, Shift Scheduler, Activity Tracker and Applicant Tracker modules in use throughout the country.