Orion Press Release

AgencyWeb® Selected for Public Safety Agencies in Texas Alamo Region for Cross-Jurisdiction Data Sharing and Process Improvements

Mar 27, 2009 2:42:00 PM

Dallas, TX (March 27, 2009) – Orion Communications, a provider of Public Safety software, announces that its AgencyWeb® Software Suite has been selected to compliment the new TriTech Communication System scheduled for deployment throughout the Alamo region of Texas. This covers Bexar, Guadalupe and Comal Counties -- with the first roll-out scheduled for the City of San Antonio, Bexar County and the City of Schertz. The new solution will enable County Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS Agencies within the region to share data and communicate with each other seamlessly, virtually eliminating any agency and jurisdictional boundaries.


As part of the TriTech solution, AgencyWeb® will be instrumental in helping multi-agency systems throughout the region share data in order to improve workforce performance and better direct resource efforts. “We are very excited to partner with TriTech Software and provide multi-jurisdiction capabilities that will allow these county agencies to automate, integrate, monitor and control their business processes,” says Orion President Leslie DeLatte.


“We’ve found that public safety agencies today typically require different technologies to manage a multitude of informational agency needs. The volume of data flow is complex, dynamic and moving continuously in real-time. AgencyWeb offers a unique solution that is extremely flexible and allows agencies to optimize their data. As a result, agency leaders can use it to manage performance efforts from the top down.”


For example, by interfacing with TriTech VisiCAD Command™ -- the AgencyWeb® Dispatch-Tow and Impound modules will automate management of San Antonio’s towing dispatch processes and subsequent impounding processes. Additional investigative tools will be provided to the San Antonio Police Department for vehicles involved in criminal investigations.


Direct interfaces with TriTech’s VisiNet Law RMS™, VisiNet Fire RMS™ and other County systems will enable the AgencyWeb® Administrator module to automate online management of workforce personnel. AgencyWeb® CourtNotify will be used to electronically distribute and track interagency court subpoenas for County DA’s and local Law Enforcement. The new CourtNotify Civilian module will be used to assign and track civilian subpoena deliveries in real-time.


AgencyWeb® Evidence and Property Room will be used for online management of evidence intake, handling, security, and disposal. And the AgencyWeb® Virtual Viewer module will be used for real-time access to data stored in any number of the County’s databases, systems and technology platforms.


"By sharing information between multi-jurisdictional agencies, the law enforcement community can reduce investigative time and quickly access information -- regardless of the location of that information”, states Ms. DeLatte. “Virtual Viewer and the other AgencyWeb modules will be critical components to the new system that will help agencies within the Alamo region of Texas meet their regulatory requirements, improve their citizen services and operate more efficiently as green-agencies of the future.”