Orion Press Release

Allen, Texas Police and Fire Departments Select AgencyWeb® to Improve Multi-Agency Information Sharing

May 27, 2009 2:56:00 PM

Dallas, TX (May 27, 2009) – Orion Communications, a provider of Public Safety software, announces that its AgencyWeb® software has been selected to compliment the new TriTech Communication System for the City of Allen, Texas. AgencyWeb® Administrator, CourtNotify, Evidence Manager and Virtual Viewer modules will be sharing data with TriTech’s VisiNet enterprise solution in order to provide the City’s first responders with comprehensive emergency management technology.


With the new TriTech solution, the City’s Fire and Police Departments will be able to share data and communicate as one seamless system that supports multi-agency operations. As part of the new solution, AgencyWeb will be instrumental in helping each agency share disparate data in order to improve the workflow, information routing and data-access capabilities to all departments.

“As a TriTech partner we are excited to be part of a team providing the Allen Fire and Police Departments with “paperless”, electronic capabilities that will allow them to automate, integrate and monitor their processes,” says Leslie F. Delatte, President of Orion Communications. “Our AgencyWeb solution is extremely flexible and will enable each agency to use its existing data in order to manage workforce efforts from the top down.”


For example, by interfacing with TriTech’s VisiNet Fire RMS™ and VisiNet Law RMS™, AgencyWeb® Administrator will use comprehensive employee information for electronic coordination of workforce schedules, training, activities and events. Each agency’s business rules will be applied to automate notification of events that require actions, as well as tracking the “who, where and when” of workforce events. Agency assets will be managed electronically, including issuance tracking, returns, or discharges.


AgencyWeb® CourtNotify will be used to electronically distribute and track each agency's court subpoenas for Collin County’s Criminal Court. Officers will receive notifications in real-time using their CourtNotify web account, agency email and/or text messengers. Any scheduling conflicts will be red flagged. And court attendance times with case results will be captured for statistical reporting.

AgencyWeb® Evidence and Property Room Manager will be used for electronic management of evidence intake, handling, security, and disposal. Communications will be generated in real-time between property room personnel, investigators and labs. Bar code technology will be used to improve productivity and ensure accurate processing.


AgencyWeb® Virtual Viewer will be used by all departments to query specific databases or to issue global searches across many different systems with common search criteria.