Orion Press Release

Austin, TX Police Selects AgencyWeb® Admin for Workforce Management

Oct 22, 2010 3:12:00 PM

Dallas, TX (October 22, 2010) –Orion Communications, a provider of browser-based Public Safety software, has been contracted by the Austin, TX Police Department to deploy its online AgencyWeb® Administrator Solution. Designed as a comprehensive workforce management system, Administrator will be used to manage the department’s personnel, including daily shift rosters and scheduling, employee activity tracking and applicant processing. In addition, Orion’s AgencyWeb® Agent software will be used to interface the new system with Austin PD’s existing Learning Management System, Records Management System provided by Versaterm and Dispatch System provided by TriTech.


Austin PD’s new AgencyWeb® Administrator system will replace time consuming paper processes used in the past, as well as employee information tracking using Microsoft® Excel and internal applications. It will also replace several different types of systems, such as the agency’s personnel, scheduling and resource management systems.


The new Administrator system will automate workflow approvals and call-to-action notifications using the department’s own business rules. Agency users will have access to information based on their own roles and business unit requirements. And all employee activities logged by the City’s RMS and CAD systems will be automatically collected and reported for statistical analysis.

Administrator will also centralize the collection of applicant data and will track each candidate’s progression stages through to academy acceptance. It will replace the agency’s manual rostering process with online automation that coordinates employee schedules and tracks time and attendance. Supervisors will be able to adjust and lock employee work times electronically, for easy and accurate reporting to the City’s payroll system.


“We’re excited about working with the City of Austin and APD. Our mission at APD is to eliminate the administrative issues that typically burden an agency and to allow the officers, supervisors and senior management to focus on the job of policing”, states Orion Vice President of Sales, Rusty Byers. “The AgencyWeb® Administrator suite offers for the first time a combined and unique tool set for Public Safety to manage all personnel needs, cut cost, improve efficiency and ensure compliance with collective bargaining agreements. We are looking forward to bringing that same expertise and experience to the City of Austin and APD”.


Deployment of the Austin Police Department’s AgencyWeb® Administrator system began in October, 2010 and is scheduled for completion by Q1 of 2011.