Orion Press Release

Collin County, Texas Courts and Law Enforcement Agencies Go Live with AgencyWeb® CourtNotify and Administrator Solutions

Jul 31, 2009 3:00:00 PM

Dallas, TX (July 31, 2009) – Orion Communications, a provider of public safety software, announces the successful implementation of AgencyWeb® CourtNotify for Collin County’s Criminal and Misdemeanor Courts. CourtNotify will be used to electronically distribute and track court subpoenas for the County’s District Attorney’s Office and Law Enforcement agencies. Additionally, AgencyWeb® Administrator has been deployed for the Plano Police Department and Collin County Sheriff’s Office to improve their workforce operational efficiencies and business management performance.


“We are excited that CourtNotify and Administrator can now be used by Collin County to help streamline their workforce processes and reduce cost,” states Leslie F. DeLatte, Orion President. “The Dallas Police Department, in cooperation with Dallas County, has reduced cost and improved efficiencies over the past years using these same solutions. Now, CourtNotify and Administrator can help Collin County realize many of the same benefits.”


Collin County will use CourtNotify to add witnesses online to court cases and automatically send law enforcement subpoenas electronically in real-time. County Law Enforcement witnesses will receive and acknowledge notifications via their CourtNotify web account and agency email.


Dallas Police Department’s Lt. Gene P. Summers states, “Orion’s CourtNotify has been one of our most successful application implementations. It has demonstrated interagency cooperation and has improved communications between Dallas County Law Enforcement Agencies. Now that Collin County is using the tool, we’ll soon be able to share subpoena notifications across multiple counties for the first-time.”


Plano Police Department will now use Administrator to organize, schedule, and direct their agency’s daily workforce processes. By sharing data with their existing infrastructure technology, Administrator’s automated workflow tools will be used to streamline management of personnel information, scheduling, payroll, training, assets and applicants. Collin County Sheriff’s Office will be using Administrator for specific shift detail assignments and personnel tracking services.

Both systems will eliminate redundant administrative processes and paperwork, significantly reducing time and cost. And by leveraging existing County technology, acquisition cost and system deployment time have been reduced.