Orion Press Release

Dallas PD Successfully Manages Special-Duty Assignments for 2010 NBA All Star Events using AgencyWeb® Administrator

Feb 19, 2010 3:07:00 PM

Dallas, TX (February 19, 2010) – The 2010 NBA All-Star weekend was a huge, Texas-sized success! No doubt that all the area Police Department’s hard work, dedication and attention to detail made all the difference. For Dallas Police ... they had a leg up in the planning, tracking and management of the process through the use of AgencyWeb Administrator’s special duty functionally. During the three day event, the Dallas Emergency Operations Center was able to easily contact officers working special duty by linking to their job event and viewing cell phones and other contact methods.


Thanks to their AgencyWeb Administrator system, Dallas PD officers were able to enter special-duty job requests for the All-Star event including over 450 external employers. All-in-all within a three week period over 4,500 special duty assignments were submitted and approved through the agency’s hierarchy. All employer details were captured and tracked. And, employer locations were classified by Dallas PD Beats and Districts, so that updates to their CAD system would make dispatchers aware of when an off-duty officer was in a specified area.


“The acceptance of the online process was an overnight success,” states Orion President Leslie DeLatte. “We knew it was going to help replace their paper “pink card” system, but we never thought that 4,500 cards would be submitted in such rapid succession. The other good news is the system is so easy to use that formal training was not required. We always pride ourselves in generating intuitively usable systems and this just proves we are on the right path.”